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Happy Birthday Sabrina! Looks like another fun filled birthday celebration! I love the photo that has Soph in the corner sipping her Pepsi acting like she is so NOT with the two crazies!! LOL!
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2013 on Twenty! at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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Oh for the love of all things cute....Mike will never ever grow up will he? He will be a man-child all his life and you his lucky lucky wife!!!(I really didn't mean to make a rhyme...but feel free to stitch it up into a sampler..LOL!!) Sophie is also very lucky to have such an actively involved Father. Those two together as so sweet they make my teeth hurt!! Love seeing all your pics but there aren't enough of you my dear...give someone else a chance at the camera...(I's like your royal septrum...but even the Queen has to lay it down sometimes!!)Happy Birthday and many many more!!! Connie in Omaha ps...I have to admit that I have started looking for you, Mike, and the girls every time I am out and about....I swear when and if I ever spot any of you I will scream out...."OMG..There they's THEM!!! Like you are Brad and Angie and their kids come to town.!!
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2011 on Desperate Times at PLUM STREET SAMPLERS
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