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Not sure if I've commented here...thought I did, but don't see it. I missed out because I didn't see it in time however I still intend to visit the patrons to the giveaway. I like being reminded of my 'likes' on FB and visiting those that I haven't heard of before. Thank you so much for putting this together; putting giveaways like this together takes a lot of commitment from so many. Thank you everyone (even those who are trying to is great seeing so many are trying for it). con
I missed so much of your festive giveaway! But still intend on visiting your sites for inspiration and seeing any products or techniques... Thank you for hosting this giveaway for it takes much work, coordination, and communication. con
Everything looks like it was made just for the photo...the color palette is wonderful as well as the elements used to make it pop. A wonderful project..
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on Sweater Weather Layout at Petaloo
You put a lot of thought in this project and it shows. The colors and textures are wonderfully meshed. Cute pic too ;) thank you for sharing it.
I did it all except Instagram (I don't have an account) but I did everything else :) Now I just have to remember to come back tomorrow (I have limited to see what is being made next.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2015 on Authentique & Petaloo ~ FALL Blog Hop at Petaloo
I like this idea for keeping track of the food you you include a page with the recipie you used? it could turn into a family keepsake to pass down. thanks, -con
Oh I like this! I adore turtles and bees.
I think I've Pinterested this so I'm not sure if I told you already how pretty she is. I adore silhouettes. and this card is so intricate looking. Terrific job, con.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2014 on Vintage Silhouette at Linda's works of Heart
Cancer. It is so hard to watch a loved one go through it. I've had several family and friends who have had it and made it and others who haven't. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Your so beautiful. It is a very special card because it was made out of love for your dear friend. thank you for sharing with us, con
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Your cards are so pretty no wonder I'm one of your subscribers...
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Fab card! I like the fact that it has a patriotic look but also incorporates a "boot"...just like a soldier would wear.
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Very different; I pray for peace too.
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I like the little cupcake; I haven't seen anything like it before - he's cute!
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Nice job; I like these will def share on fb and save a pic too;)
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love the paper; it's fantastic...your cards are great looking too.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2011 on Did you see. . . at Thinking Inking
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