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Connie Reed
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What a beautiful tour of your past... you guys are a special couple :) And ... snif snif... getting to share this special evening out with your handsome young son is .. ? hey! I think I got something in my eye.... :)
Oh MY! This is frustratingly hilarious! Seriously though... the programmers for eQuip need to link to this post ;D
Hooray for good friends, 'homemade with love' cupcakes, and a hook to hang your cape! I had my 'hang up the cape' moment when my son was born. I had had the perfect pregnancy, and had all these ideas of how his birth would go, and it all looked good-to-go, up until the day... then I ended up with an emergency C-section. I could wrap my head around it. These things happen. But. There was that Amazonian warrior woman living in my heart who was really pissed off at me.. in between digging roots, hunting mammoths, running a tribe, and painting cave art, she was positive that I should have had no trouble popping out one baby, easy-peasy. She called me a lot of bad words. Hurt my feelings. A lot. It made NO SENSE... logically... but logic has nothing to do with it. Heart and head do not communicate with logic. It simply takes time and work to get past it. btw.. Amazon woman is still in there, and she can still be a right b***h at times, but we're friends again and she gives me strength. Looking back, it didn't take all that long for us to make up. oh... and right now, she's telling me that she'd really like a cupcake for breakfast! ;)
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I think it's a great idea! Put me in for Cairo and Amman (slightly north-east of Donna... ;) !)
I choose Sam's option 2 :) and GREAT news on the insurance! I don't get the vomit feeling when I send my kids off to do something I am not comfortable with (like allowing my kid to get on a feld trip bus to a tourist site, when other tourist sites have been the subject of warden messages)... instead, I sit there and FEEL my hair growing out new grey strands. I'm sure that I can feel the sensation of new white bits sprouting, and all the color draining from existing hairs... it's sort of crawly & tingly... and it doesn't stop until I know the kids are safe again!
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Oct 29, 2010