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I'm chuckling remembering the eG post, when IPhones first came out, and some eG poster was at a table where two people had the phones, so they lit the phone screens to allow enough light for the third to take pics of the dishes. Now that's a scene worth seeing.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on The Food Blogger's Dilemma at Docsconz- The Blog
As one who has pulled out the camera many times I also agree with your comments John, but now as a chef I would like to share another perspective. My dinners are primarily tasting menu style and so I'm trying to create a progressive experience. Doing this means that timing is as essential as taste, temp, texture, and ambiance to the successful enjoyment of my food. Ideally, my guests will turn off the cell phone, put away the camera, and focus on the food and their companions. Ideal, but not common. If we were talking about a non-tasting menu experience then photography and record keeping would not be an issue at all to me as I can adjust more easily, but a tasting menu is a different beast. That said, I cook for the guests enjoyment so whatever they want to do is fine with me, but if they ask me, I'll sure let them know my preferences. BTW, during my visit to Alinea I took no pics or notes figuring enough other people had that I wouldn't need to alter my experience. And if I remember correctly, your report was one that I used for future reference.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on The Food Blogger's Dilemma at Docsconz- The Blog
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Mar 30, 2010