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Hello Mark, Let me treat your "My disagreement is:" as a request for perspective. In particular, your exclaiming: "... to [NOT] reward Donald Trump for his own incurable policy of mendacity". For American voters to FOIL Clinton achieving the Executive power of US Presidency is NOT ANY form of a reward to him. It is singularly the scuttle of Hillary Clinton political machine. Examine and consider herewith! IF it maybe that Clinton is elected; all Democrats will genuflect from the feeding trough as they support her political infanticide of Americanism and the liberal media will ignore her whitewash of the Clinton political malfeasance history of carnage. The Republicans will struggle -alone- to refrain her for all American persons; living and dead that have spurned selfishness for the sweet pleasure of integrity's proud pounding in their hearts and the breath of freedom in their lungs that the unborn will never know. IF it maybe that Trump is elected, he may evoke a [probably] bizarre Executive administration with loathsome [potty mouth] Executive Orders. However, all the Democrats and half of the Republicans [in Congress] will work to manage such a bizarre Executive administration via purse strings that will REQUIRE Executive Branches of Trump's Administration to ELIMINATE specific individual regulations and ADOPT certain specific regulation to achieve their funding! Call it US Congress's form of 'Executive Order'. Perhaps this will unite US Congress in ways that will [WOW] elevate US Congress to historic highs of American proletariat satisfaction and “proud” as has only been dreams of a rebounding America. It is observed that Clinton and Trump are both retched and reviled candidates. Yet, a Trump Executive Branch administration will be withheld IN CHECK by 75%+ of US Congress members. Let's run this idea up the flagpole and see if a rational America salutes on November 8th! EVERYBODY, inquire of YOUR US Congress candidates if they will strongly pursuit check/balance the US President candidate in the political party of their -same as- registration?! Works for me! Connor Vlakancic
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Trump succeeded in validating voter anger and 'with great pluck' discredited the status quo GOP RINOesque diatribe, yet, his campaign has now fermented into vile-smelling post-anal horatius via his insufferable ego. Hilary seeks covert dark power, wholly diabolical, to demean, punish, vanquish and destroy her political enemies of 25+ years that she herself empowered them with quite the same type of insufferable ego as does now Trump 'shoot himself in the foot'. Elephants can vote at
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Jun 18, 2016