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Monica, In addition to being a Conservative, I am a fan of the New York Mets. This Republican primary is starting to remind me of the 2007 baseball season--and in many ways the unfortunate end to the Mets effort to defend their 2006 NL East Division title. While others who post hear might disagree, there was no team in baseball with more talent at every position (save relief pitcher than my Mets). The Mets could be likened to Mitt Romney--a great candidate at a great, pivotal time. Everything worked fine for a while, and then the Mets began to spiral out of control. Somehow, Oliver Perez couldn't find the strike zone against the lowly Marlins. Saul Rivera of the Washington Nationals went from unheard of reliever to the next incarnation of Jim Bunning. No matter how much we as fans protested and knew this shouldn't all ended with a quiet strikeout as fans of the country's greatest team left Shea Stadium in complete disbelief. After waking up this morning and seeing that my candidate, Mitt Romney, left California with only three delegates to John McCain's 56, it was deja vu all over again. I had the unhappy feeling that the pattern which began with the Mets collapse and ended with the Colorado Rockies being swept by the Boston Red Sox, was repeating itself. There is a variation: Mitt Romney is doing his best, to win votes of Conservatives like myself, and succeeding. In his Super Tuesday speech in Boston, he connected with voters and showed us that he is not only an alternative to John McCain...but a worthy individual who will make sure our country remains the City Upon a Hill that was first envisioned by John Winthrop and restored by Ronald Reagan. However, as the delegate count next to McCain's name inexorably grows, I feel that we may be forsaking the New York Mets of this political contest--for the Colorado Rockies. Against the Boston Red Sox, the Rockies were sacraficial lambs: A team that we fans of the National League did not want to send, and a team that had no chance to win. So, I implore those Conservatives with a vote left to cast: A vote for Romney is a vote for individual freedom and liberty, while a vote for John McCain is a vote to return to the politics we rejected when the framers first conceived of this great nation.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2008 on Alphabet Soup at Monica Crowley
Monica, The Junior Senator from New York failed to acknowledge that her turnout (and voter turnout througout the Sunshine State) was driven by a statewide property tax initiative. It stands to reason that a Democratic voter at the polls to address property taxes might as well pull the lever (or push the button in this case) for their candidate. Now, as a Conservative who ardently supports both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, I was a bit depressed with the Florida results. However, I want to note that I believe the heavy Northeastern influence in counties such as Broward and Miami-Dade, and the large military presence in our state played for McCain. This is in contrast to the feeling that rock-ribbed Conservatives were supporting McCain. I see this as an important distinction, because the McCain candidacy--predicated upon his percieved ability to draw Democrats and Independents--is not viable in my view if it has no base. A Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama candidacy will be able to draw much of the far left, while Senator McCain won't do the same for the right--and deservedly so. However, I do not believe that Senator McCain's stance on immigration played a strong role in how he carried Hispanic vote. I believe the exit polls in this instance are flawed, because if such a strong Hispanic anti-illegal immigration lobby truly existed, where was it when the amnesty bill was killed? To conclude, I want to say that I enjoy your radio program, and I am very happy to have you as a fellow member of the Conservative Movement.