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Giacomo Conserva
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c'est vraiment un essai remarquable. Mes plus vifs compliments. Je pense de le linker sur mon blog. (Beaucoup d'heures hier cerchant de comprendre la relation d'Emawayish et Leiris) Giacomo Conserva, Parma. Italie
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Nov 22, 2011
fantasmata: something like this ( ), or perhaps rather like this ( or this ( Looking for some kind of human magic capable of helping quilt the field of signifiers, resructure it, make it new. Isn't this what HEGEMONY is about? [A simpler form would be just to say that we -WE- need hope]
we need images (fantasies, fantasmata) too, fantasmata of our own-
I just posted this on my blog: "London's burning- the great Clash song" reminds me of two lines from Eliot's Four Quartets: 'the only hope, or else despair/ to be saved from fire by fire' (He wrote this during WW2, of course) Not a great choice, but a choice to be made.
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Aug 9, 2011