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Conservation Carbon
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Value-added carbon credits for socially and environmentally aware organizations and individuals.
Interests: climate change, conservation, social development, carbon offsets
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Via, which has some great thoughts on the subject. Continue reading
The team at the Conservation Carbon Company made a special field visit to our Analog Forestry, Carbon Credit project in Hinuduma, Sri Lanka on the 10th of January. This was a major milestone and we were very pleased with the outcome. Our partners at Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) did a great job in facilitating our visit. Our priority was to meet the farmers currently on our team who cultivate the Forest Garden plots and hand over the first batch of payments to them. In addition to this, we also inducted new farmers into our program. Furthermore, we conducted a seminar... Continue reading
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CBNRM is a bottom-up approach that gives local communities, who are the ones to bear the costs of preserving and conserving resources, legal rights to manage those resources and benefit from their use. In economic terms, CBNRM gives local people incentives to preserve rather than poach or overuse the forests, wildlife or fisheries they control. This article really connected with us. The concept described bears many similarities with our own practices and certainly has the same goals - to make preserving the natural ecosystem an economically viable option for local communities. Continue reading
via The scenes of deforestation as native forests are replaced by "cash crops" are all too familiar. People, particularly small-hold farmers, need practical, economically viable alternatives. That's what we try to offer at CCC Continue reading
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via Part of a fascinating photography project by photographer Rachel Sussman. More details at Ode Magazine. Continue reading
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via For more information about the butterflies of Sri Lanka see this site and there are some great images in this Flickr pool Continue reading
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via Mankind maintains a complex relationship with the environment. Basically we see what we want and take it. Then when we are out of money, or it becomes inconvenient to keep it, we toss it away. Mother Nature is ticked. Nature is not a passive victim, but an active force... Continue reading
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via An interesting read. While clearly the situation we work in at CCC is somewhat different than those that are described in the article, we are nevertheless conscious of the "human element" in our projects. The farmers we work with are an integral element of what we do and we seem them as partners in our efforts. Farmers lighting the traditional oil lamp to inaugurate the CCC project. More pics here. Continue reading
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