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I'm so glad this support network has been set up. I remember the first (and, so far, only) time that I lost someone who I loved after becoming an atheist. It seemed like so many details of the grief that I was experiencing were different to that experienced by the religious people who shared my loss. Not that they were lesser or greater, mind. Just different. Instead of struggling with the idea of a just god allowing people to die, I struggled with the reality that we live in a universe where we will all end. Having people who get that, without having to explain it, and without worrying that people will get defensive about their own beliefs? It's so damn important.
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Hello! I just found this recipe more-or-less randomly as I was looking for something to use up a pile of stuff in the cupboard. It's yummy! Super simple and with a delicious flavour. I didn't have any lemon or balsamic lying about, so I just added a stock cube to the soup and a couple of splashed of Worcestershire sauce. It's delicious :) Thanks for posting! is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 28, 2011