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Please help: The Guardians of Time were arrested by police at the St. Mark’s Square in Venice and taken into custody. Has anyone observed, photographed or filmed the seizure of the four life-sized red sculptures “Guard Time” on Wednesday afternoon August 31st, 2011? We ask your assistance by sending photos of of the arrest. The red giant sculptures were carried by four policemen to the nearby police station on Piazza San Marco. Time Guards “Madonna” light sculptures are made by the artist Manfred Kielnhofer. A little research brings us the info that this artist, Kielhofer, has created these life-size sculptures which are on a “world tour” and have a habit of being mysteriously installed in public places one day and then abruptly vanishing the next. It has been suggested that these sculptures are influenced by Celtic tradition where Guardians of Time were an esoteric collective of time-travelers who kept an eye on the earth and intervened at certain points in our history. The sculptures take on an added dimension by looking as they do below left during the day, and then as dusk and evening settles in, they start to glow from within, as seen below right. The story seems plausible, since I can see how authorities might take concern about the arrival of unexpected life-size sculptures in public spaces, as a potential terrorist threat, but the idea of “arresting” a non-living thing seems like an odd description – maybe “confiscated” would be more applicable. Does anyone have any verified proof of this happening? Please send your photos to Thanks for your help Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2011 at contemporaryart's blog
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Sep 21, 2011