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Sharer of the modern day words and wisdom of Jesus and Buddha
Interests: Finding creative ways to share spiritual principles into the modern day world
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Hi Kathleen, Glad you like the page. It is so great he's our friend, isn't it! Best wishes, Zoe
Hi Vivvy, Thanks for sharing! Pleased you have liked the post and share a love of Jesus! Zoe
Hi Jim, Glad you too are working for Jesus too! Thanks for sharing, Zoe
Hi Sarah, Thanks for your comments! ZOE
Congratulations Violetta on your resolution so far! I hope you reach your goals. I had a resolute day today and it does feel good... Zoe X
Hi Violetta, Yes- remembering to be is the key :) Being in the flow feels good. Being out of the flow feels bad. If only our minds and to-do lists didn't get in the way... Thanks for posting! Zoe X
I'm with you Violetta! Underneath the superficial differences, we are all one... Thanks for sharing, Zoe X
Hi Violetta, Doesn't it feel great to have more of your Spirit in your everyday life? I certainly love and cherish it as the best thing I've ever experienced. Have a wonderful day! Zoe X
"Best journey ever" indeed! Thanks for sharing! X
Hi Violetta, Glad this has meaning for you. Re-reading this I realise I went to bed last night with a tired mind. Out for a great big walk today! Thanks for sharing! X
Hi Violetta, I truly hope you reach your "Done". Glad you are enjoying the journey :) Thanks for sharing! X
Hi Violetta, Thank you for sharing! I'm so pleased you are determined to live and not just exist. "Live, love, enjoy"- perfect! X
Hi Jessica, Thanks for sharing this. I've found the same thing to be true for me. How do you manage to stay connected during the hustle and bustle? X
Hi Violetta, That's so true isn't it? Difficulties are like tiny obstacles when your heart if happy and full of love. And when your heart is sad, heavy or empty, everything feels like such an effort... Thanks for sharing- I enjoy reading your comments, Zoe x
Hi Violetta, Turning those times into 'patience' times is a great idea! Clouds do- and will- cover the sky and obscure the sun. Becoming patient is an excellent idea. Thanks for sharing, Zoe x
Doesn't it just... So many people struggle with money. It was wonderful of Buddha to choose the subject to talk about. Best Wishes for your personal abundance and abundance for all! Zoe x
HI Bobby, A world full of love and compassion... How wonderful. I hope yours is filled with this, Best Wishes, Zoe
Hi Derick, Like you I believe Jesus is real and wants to help us too. Perhaps one day we can all experience the path of healing. Wouldn't that be nice! Thanks for sharing, Zoe
Hi Catherine, Thank you for sharing your light too. Blessings, Zoe
Hi Helen, Thank you for posting this! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading this. X
We think this site rocks too- thank you!!! Jesus is real! X
Thank you Carol. Praise indeed! X
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