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I once brought in a "save % off merchandise" postcard, ordered a drink and put whatever merchandise I was buying (I forget what) on the counter, and the barista rang up the drink as being free, rather than actually reading the postcard. I use my postcards before the due dates, but I like that SBUX (usually) accepts them even afterwards. There's a reason why I frequent SBUX even though other chain coffee places are closer to my work.
I went to Sbux on Friday and the lines didn't seem longer than usual. There were a couple of us that had our travel mugs. One guy ordered a coffee and the barista told him that if he had a travel mug, it would be free. The barista explained it was for earth day, and then didn't charge the customer. So go figure...
Does the tea have to be the (hot) brewed kind, or could it be flavored iced tea?
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Apr 20, 2011