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Cookin' Girl
I cook for the world's hungriest man. We both want to be full, lose weight, spend less, and save time while eating great meals.
Interests: cooking, baking, food, cookbooks, markets, vegetables, pastries, losing weight, eating healthy, travel, music, spices, flavor pairing, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian,
Recent Activity
Mmm...shittake bacon. I first heard about this wonder from a coworker who attended The Natural Gourmet Institute. She said if you take some shittake mushrooms, slice them thin and toss them in olive oil with a little salt and pepper and then roast them at 450 till they are crispy... Continue reading
Come for the dead, stay for the bread. Every year around 10/31 I make a very special bread. Pan del muerto, its called, or bread of the dead. Its a soft loaf of sweetened bread, flavoured with anise seeds and orange. I absolutely love this bread and I eat it... Continue reading
Dia de los burritos! Yesterday (Nov 1st) was the main day of the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead. In order to celebrate I decided to make a Mexi-inspired dinner out of last weeks farmers market purchase and whatever I had in my pantry. Heres what I came up... Continue reading
Bread and butter is my bread and butter. So are croissants, cookies, muffins, ice cream, cakes, etc. I work in pastry. As you could guess this doesn't make weight loss any easier. Today while discussing this blog with my chef he asked, "Do you guys both have a specific goal... Continue reading
My boyfriend and I are funny, smart, damn sexy, hardworking professionals with little free time. Unfortunately we're also fat and broke. One day we realized that spending over $25 a day on eating out/ordering in was doing no good for our bank accounts or waistlines. The solution? Cook more, order... Continue reading
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Oct 28, 2010