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Sven Coolkayaker
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By all the financial calculators out there, I have enough saved with to live, not just a modest life, but a fairly luxurious life with my wife if I was to retire tomorrow. We are not luxurious people, making it even more feasible. I have a dream as a writer and need time to persue it. My paycheck is going down due to taxation, so less and less incentive to work in this job that is so-so to me; ambivalent about it. Why don't I retire then at 49? I'm scared. It's that simple. Scared my college kid will hit a toddler with his car and we'll be ruined with lawsuit. Scared that gasoline will go to ten dollars a gallon. Scared that my property taxes will triple. Scared that by stock portfolio will be cut in half. I'm a scardy cat.
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Feb 26, 2013