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Neven - I have lived next to Arctic sea ice every summer for the past 42 years studying seabirds. In 2002 IBM wanted to use me in an ad campaign with the theme "Where do you do your best thinking?". Told them I would do the ad if it said: "On ice that may not be here in one hundred years" They went with it and the ad ran in many U.S. magazines and newspapers. Now it seems I was being optimistic.(Ad now up on my Twitter account) But came here mainly to let you know that, when I am not on my Arctic island with no internet, I have regularly read your blog and have benefited greatly from the information I obtained and the sense of community with those who share my concern for the cryosphere. Thanks much and enjoy your sabbatical.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2016 on Sabbatical (I hope) at Arctic Sea Ice
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Dec 1, 2016