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Toggle Commented May 27, 2010 on The Failure Nobody Wants To Talk About at Cobb
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The muslim in theif turns 911 into a day of muslim celebration on the American calendar. wow. We deserve what we accept.
First, the US, Israel, and the entire West will be made to suffer by the corrupt muslim. But if his inept bungling takes out the UN, it may be considered a positive, on aggregate. Hope.
Islamic pirates are not Hussein's enemy. They are his fellow travellers. Man-made troubles are regrettable, of course. But they are not 'terrorists'. There is no 'war on terror'. The declared enemy are those stubborn judeo/christian families of veterans who cling to the notion of a Constitutional Republic. Pay no attention to the jihadis, media. Rather - Get some footage of a citizen with a gun and get him to talk about the Constitution...and run it over and over and over....
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on Jihad Pirates Fire on US Helicopter at Atlas Shrugs
(1) The concept seems rife for class warfare - capital class vs scholar/labor class. (2) Is the concept sustainable without a sustainable scholar class? Or is killing off the scholar genes an intended outcome? (3) And with no generational wealth transfer for scholars, only those with NO investment in the future (dependents; spouse, kids) would labor for the capital class there. What sort of 'scholars' are so disconnected from life that they don't have dependents or will exclude them for the 'privilege' of laboring there? And why would anybody want to learn from such losers? Summary: Inevitable warfare between classes. Scholars without dependents -> more stupid each generation. Scholars without dependents -> not the sort of scholars anyone wants to learn from anyway. ... ... ?
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on Mindful Capital Club at Deep Green Journal
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He will bow to the King and bow and pray to mecca with him. But this time, he'll avoid doing so in public or being photographed doing it.
"The thousands of American lives are worthless. KHALID SHEIK MUHAMMAD 'S DISCOMFORT IS A WAR CRIME!" Succinctly stated. Very clearly the case in this New World Order. Discomfort of one muslim means more to the 'muslim in theif' than the lives of Americans.
How to keep putting out a message that "America is bad?"... hmmmm... Let's talk about really graphic torture photos for a few days. That should get great press about Ameica being torturers. Then, let's say the photos are sooo graphic that we cannot release them. That should really get the "America bad" theme going. Then let's get our allies, the ACLU, to bring a court case, again keeping it in the news. We could keep this meme percolating for years, and just keep painting the picture for everyone - "America is bad". /sarc off No news. No change. No motion. No substance. But the PR campaign ensures that America is harmed. Yet again, the 0-hole figures out a way to damage America.
out of the closet ! Muslim.