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Joseph Coplans
San Francisco/Denver
Sales strategy and content development, sales and marketing integration
Interests: Public speaking about culture and the entrepreneurial spirit.
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Fabulous article, thank you. This is what makes the adrenaline surge for so many micro-entrepreneurs: They want a chance to do something meaningful—that's why they got into a business idea in the first place, rarely for the money—and the chance to be inventive is what's really driving them, the desire to solve problems, the desire to see if idea can get off the ground. That's what creates a meaningful experience. While the word 'innovation' was fairly absconded by the tech world, it's a very important word for new business owners. Innovation is a supplement for the failings of outmoded forms of marketing. If marketing resources or PR isn't cutting the mustard, innovation helps to create new ideas and new ways to present these great ideas to buyers. Innovation creates cool ideas and cool ways to bring them to new buyers—in addition to all forms of marketing that are right for a given idea.
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Sep 15, 2012