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Some people are really crappy individuals, and it sounds like she is one of them. "You are sorry" is southern slang for "you are worthless, etc" e.g. "you are a sorry excuse for a human being". It is very mean. However, I think we all know that we project our own fears onto others. It sounds like she's the sorry excuse for a human being. Try not to let her get to her, and try not to catastrophize (that downward spiral). Just remember, the crappy crusties are not worth the energy of your time, or your thoughts.
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I'm honestly surprised that none of Nick Yee's extensive work into MMO "addiction" was cited. There is a lot of research that has been done into the attraction factors and motivation factors. (see for links to most of his research including the Daedalus Project and the PARC Playon). Certainly gaming has been used as an escape mechanism. People play these games to get away from stressors. Unfortunately, sometimes gaming can lead to additional stressors and it becomes problematic. Research has suggested that problematic gaming is co-morbid for d/o like social anxiety and depression. There is the potential for individuals with OCD to also find gaming attractive, especially with newer features such as achievements that push a player to continue utilizing the game. (You can even find achievements for Angry Birds and Facebook games). I do want to note that WoW is not the only MMO on the market, it's just the most successful. Future research should look at multiplayer real time strategy games such as Starcraft, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas such as League of Legends, and upcoming single player games like Diablo III. This should be in addition to World of Warcraft and Rift. Problematic gaming is not restricted to MMO's.
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Sep 2, 2011