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Great article! It is so very important to be matched with an accountant that knows what they are doing. Qualifications, experience, good communication, and a decent price are all great tips to keep in mind when choosing an accountant. I would say that it is especially important that they know how to best meet the clients' specific needs. Not only that, but you need an accountant whose primary objective should be to match the appropriate accounting tool to each individuals situation. For instance, you might be best matched with a hosted product like QBO or alike. In other cases, you may want to keep the desktop look and feel but require a hosted solution to achieve your objectives. If you prefer to work entirely in your local environment but experience the best attributes of the cloud, you can even look at sharing solutions like Qbox! Bottomline is, your accountant needs to make decisions that are going to best benefit you, the client. Thanks again for the read!
For QuickBooks file sharing needs I would definitely recommend using Qbox. Creating Accountant Copies can get messy and become quite the hassle. Scott Gregory of Better Bottom Line writes a great article about the hassle of dealing with accountants' copies and the need for a solution - He explains how Qbox is that solution and how he uses it to meet all his file sharing needs. With Qbox, accountants and their client’s continue to use the same desktop version of QuickBooks. However, using Qbox, they have a locally hosted copy of the file that is continually synchronized with their remote client’s copy. In other words, no more sending QBW files back and forth, no more screen sharing, no expensive cloud hosting and no more downloading/uploading of QuickBook files. Qbox also has a locking technology that avoids the creation of conflicting copies. Additionally, if you ever do end up with a corrupted file (unrelated to Qbox) Qbox keeps ten different versions (updates) of the file so you can easily restore a previous copy with just a few clicks. Check out their website for more information:
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Apr 13, 2015