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cord blood banking
Santa Fe,New Mexico 87500
Cord Blood Banking Pros And Cons Learn About Cord Blood Banking Pros And Cons Cord Blood Banking Pros And Cons Umbilical blood has numerous advantages over bone marrow when it comes to stem cell transplant. Primary advantage of umbilical cord banking is its accessibility. Unlike bone marrow transplant, umbilical blood is easier to process and collect. If advantages is the obverse, disadvantages is on the reverse. Pros of umbilical cord banking " Readily available: A common practice in the past was to discard umbilical blood with the placenta after child birth. Now, cord blood is saved and transported to a storage facility. Such blood is readily available to process unlike bone marrow, which takes months. " Pain free collection process: Collection of umbilical blood is painless for both the mother and child. Umbilical cord blood is either collected before birth or after the placenta is delivered. " Relatively cheaper: In terms of umbilical cord blood collection, there is no exorbitant cost. Bone marrow collection requires an invasive procedure with additional anesthesia and hospital charges. Post collection, the donor is in discomfort and pain. Umbilical cord blood imposes no such discomfort. " Provides relief for chemotherapy patients: Stem cells have proved to speed up recovery time in cancer patients. Cancer treatment demands aggressive methods like radiation which has a high tendency of killing healthy cells as well as cancerous cells. Stem cells bear the capacity to differentiate into healthy cells to compensate for indiscriminate loss during radiation therapy. " Stem cell therapy: Stem cell therapy is the latest beacon in medicine for the cure of 'incurable' diseases. Since they possess the potential to differentiate into all cell types, they are attractive resources for radicle treatment approaches when traditional means fail to deliver expected results. Rather than using stem cells from bone marrow, which holds the risk of being immature, stem cells from the umbilical cord pose no such threats. Also, umbilical stem cells do not trigger an immune response on transplanting. " Helps in research: Stem cells research is still in its formative years. Given the limited resources available for study, so much remains unknown. Donating umbilical cord blood to public banks gives access to those in need. Present research in stem cells has doctors and scientists analyze its potential to cure sickle cell anemia and spinal injuries. Cons of umbilical cord bank " Longer to detect engraftment: Success of a transplant is determined through two parameters which measure the extent of engraftment. Engraftment is the opposite of transplant rejection or, acceptance of the transplant. The two parameters are recovery of a special white blood cell called neutrophil and platelet (blood component which controls clotting). In case of umbilical cord blood, the detection of engraftment is prolonged and not immediate like in the case of a bone marrow transplant. " Limited usage: Umbilical cord blood is limited to treatment of limited diseases. There are a few genetic disorders where the body produces the wrong cell type. Such cases cannot be reversed through umbilical cord blood transfer. Patients who avail umbilical cord blood must be aware of the realistic chances of recovery. Advantages of umbilical cord baking outweigh its disadvantages making the practice altruistic. If a painless procedure can save a life, why not! bone marrow transplant recipients stem cell cord bloodcord blood banking cord blood bankcord blood definitionCord blood banking baby cord blood banking cord blood banking banking cord blood best cord blood banking cost blood banking cost cord blood banking cord blood banking cord blood banking
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