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Larnaca, Cyprus
Former English and French teacher and now in retirement.
Interests: classical music, walking, reading, Christmas, Greece, travel, cooking, chess, poetry, literature, swiss fondu, fine dining,wines,Geneva, Switzerland, writing eating,Protaras,swimming,teaching,blogging,writing,jogging
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Mar 20, 2019
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Oct 25, 2018
Wow! What a great ride that was! By the way, taxi drivers are pretty much the same here in this tiny part of the world!
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Jun 10, 2018
I must have mispelt it. I'm sure you will enjoy your trip.
I love Harrison Ford! I've seen the Fugitive 3 times and I think the dam is Cheoa Dam in North Carolina. Enjoy your ride!
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Nov 9, 2017
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Nov 9, 2017
Thank you very much, Kofla. I think I will enjoy my retirement by doing so many things I didn't have time to do when I worked - such as travelling, spending more time with hubby who retired last October, reading more books since I am a bookworm, going out more often, meeting up with friends, to mention only a few.
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I love you, too Faith and I hope that you are safe after Irma hit Florida on Saturday night. I was so worried after what I had read in the papers here and what I watched on TV was even worse! The links below show how we were informed of this terrible disaster. They said the death toll rises to 68! As a matter of fact, I was a bit jealous of Alkis who retired last October. I felt I needed to spend some more time with him. Despite the advantages, being your own boss is not always a bed of roses. For twenty years, I've proudly run my own language school. However, I had to work 12 - 14 hours a day to keep standards at a high level. Right now, I want to be a good housewife! Christina, a young English teacher who has taken over, is an enthusiastic young lady who loves kids and I know she'll do a great job even though she hasn't got a lot of experience. This is why I promised to help out and teach all classes till end of February.
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The Statue of Liberty is awesome! Loved it! I remember how hard it was for me to take a decent photo of the Eiffel Tower. New York is a city I'd love to travel to one day, if I ever get over my fear of flying overseas!
I had to cut down on soft drinks, like cola, 34 years ago when I went through gallbladder surgery for gallstones - there was no laparoscopic surgery back in 1983. The doctor said I had to give up cola. You're right, old habits die hard. But since then, I have replaced cola with mineral water - I drink 2-3 litres of mineral water daily, and, occasionally a glass or two of red wine.
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The funky nurse costume is also my favourite. The uniform included a mini skirt, white boots and a syringe! Pity I don't have a photo of me dancing with a lady dressed up as a nun!!! :-)
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Thank you for this very interesting post. I'm a great fan of healthy eating and, although I hardly ever eat fruit, I have included lots of veggies in my daily diet. Many people think that healthy food is bland, insipid or simply tasteless. How wrong they are! Healthy food is much tastier. What's more, as far as I am concerned, combined with regular exercise, I lost 13 kilos in 12 months - slowly but steadily - without having to follow a strict or silly diet. Besides, my cholesterol and triglycerides levels significantly dropped and I haven't regained weight in the last four years.
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Thanks a million for this very helpful and enlightening post on healthy eating for millenials. A sixteen-year-old student of mine is not just overweight, she's obese. How can I help her without being rude or offensive?
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I wish you lived close by so that I could send you some of these delicacies!
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Jan 6, 2017
I am so impressed, Kofla! I love all your photos, but this one is probably one of your best shots. Like I said before, you are a very talented photographer!
Yes, it is, Kofla! 14 Days to Christmas!
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Same here, Kofla. Too much work and no play.
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Oct 16, 2016
Until the end of October, temperatures are quite high in Cyprus, so kids here always carry a bottle of mineral water at school despite the fact that all schools provide drinking water facilities throughout the school year.
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You know, Kofla, sometimes what sells isn't necessarily what we like best. I think you are an amazing photographer, anyway!