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is nobody noticing Reed's biggest lie? "Many members love our DVD service, as I do, because nearly every movie ever made is published on DVD." It's not even close to every movie. There's less titles on DVD than on VHS. He might be right when he's talking about films that were theatrically released from 1999 to now. But when it's about dipping into the vault, it's maybe 25 percent or less. I'm not sure what Reed's point of throwing this lie around since he knows better. Far as splitting the company and giving the new service the name of the service we've known for over a decade, this is messed up. Expect the stock to jump thanks to Wall Street morons, but it will eventually fall when people who use the service get frustrated and decide to put their accounts on hold till Reed figures out that he's running a corporation and not a stall at a flea market. Streaming will never work for him because the studios and cable companies don't want it to.
Scott, the product placement wasn't merely plugging an item. Back in the early days of TV, a corporate sponsor basically produced the show. Have you not seen the I Love Lucy boxsets with the Phillip Morris cigarette ads? They would have the stars do little skits promoting the product. Beverly Hillbillies and Flintstones were brought to you by smokes. They didn't need too much commercial time since they wanted you to focus on their product. The BS of the recession causing more ad breaks is a lie. They've been doing this long before 2008. I remember being shocked to notice Spike was taking 3 hours to show a less than 2 hour Bond film. One minute of ads for every 2 minutes of action. Remember that the whole point of TV is to bring in certain demographics for their sponsors.
with the closing of my nearby Hollywood Video, I now don't have a Blockbuster or Hollywood Videostore withing a five minute radius of me. although there's a dozen redboxes
the bottleneck works best for the dvd company since there's a chance that a customer that's been waiting for a couple months to get disc one of Sons of Anarchy might see it on sale at a store and nab it instead of waiting. Sure the number of people doing that might be extremely small, but that would be more than if people got the 1st disc faster. That's how they get you
But CEO Keyes is a turnaround genius! How can anyone doubt his method? If finally got the Box and the Informant. If Keyes wants to make this deal look juicy, how about getting Warners to burn Blockbuster DVDs that don't have 12 trailers before the main menu