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Corey Purdy-Smith
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Surely part of the reason is that people enter into monogamous relationships with the expectations of monogamy? In most relationships, the non-use of porn is not a central expectation of those entering into the relationship. Unless this is explicitly discussed ahead of time, there is no particular reason to assume that your partner is going to give up porn when they enter a relationship with you. Imagine if sex were like porn in this respect, that we generally had no expectations that our partners would stop having sex with others. In this case, I tend to think that it would be unfair to then go and demand from them that they abstain from sex with others. While it is true that sex with others involves more complications than porn use, I'm inclined to think that the main issue is the same in both cases. It is unfair to spring unexpected expectations on your partner and then act as though you have the high moral ground when your partner doesn't like them.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on Is Monogamy Fair? at Greta Christina's Blog
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Dec 19, 2009