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A full-time behaviorist sound good (assuming it's different from the last school since you mentioned it). Rufus is entitled to 24hrs of "Intensive Individual Services" through the Maryland Autism Waiver. Getting 24 hrs in, outside of the school day with a behavioralist who has another full-time job and a personal life, can be difficult. Regardless of the number of hours though, we have found that Rufus benefits a lot from his IIS time. Sometimes time with a non-parent who can be more focused and less irked by community "difficulties" can be very productive. They've worked on load and chaotic environments, waiting patiently, ordering food and dealing with money, not wandering off, going to movies...All of these were real challenges for Rufus, and he does a lot better now as they continue to work on them. Plus, he has a really good friend who understands him. Anyway, here's hoping that getting into transistion mode quickly translates into quickly getting out of transistion and into the new normal.
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Synchronicity is a funny thing. Last week, in the post funeral dinner and post dinner drinking and talking session with my brothers, we all were reminiscing about the year that my father was a visiting professor at Berkeley - 1978. I was there during the summer, as a soon to be high school junior. I had my first real taste of independence in a new place going on campus, taking the Bart into San Francisco and generally being out and about by myself. I distinctly remember being on campus and having a student ask me if I was going to be a freshman in the fall. How proud I was of being able to pass for someone as mature as an incoming college student! In hindsight, it was only a matter of 2 years, and my perception of the maturity of college students has eroded in the past 36 years. But I remember how I loved that feeling of being on the cusp of adulthood. I got drunk for the first time at a sherry reception in the Spanish department, trying to decide if I liked dry, sweet, or medium sherry the best - embarrassing to think of now, but a rite of passage, nonetheless. Anyway, Berkeley strikes me as a magical place. Best of luck to you there. Tomorrow, they're calling for a high of 11 degrees F in Baltimore. Joy!
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We went on a two mile hike in the park yesterday afternoon. At that point we had 3 - 4 inches. I thought both Rufus and the dog would want to make it a short walk. Seems like they were engergized. I, on the other hand, felt the snow grabbing my feet every step we took. Guess it's not surprising that a 50 year old woman can't keep up with a 15 year old boy... Then when we got home, he spent another half an hour in the backyard, clearing snow off of stuff...a favorite activity.
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