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You can do it. You can do all of it! I realize it's completely disappointing knowing that despite the weight loss, that stupid "body image" thing isn't quite in check, but it'll happen. I'll let you in on a secret. Never once in my life did I ever consider plastic surgery, yet here I am at 27 considering it if I can't see any results within the next 3 years. I can only compare my body to what I believe is a 50+ year old woman. Pre-pregnancies back in'06 I wore a perky 36D. Today... oh god. I don't even have boobs anymore! They're completely deflated and it's all skin. I weigh 5 lbs more than when I did when we married in '05, but I can barely squeeze into clothes from that time. I feel like a complete failure. But enough of my whining... I know you can do anything you want. And holy cow, 43 lbs? That is amazing! I say the next time you reach your next goal you go out and buy yourself something spectacular to wear. I mean it.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2011 on an ode to my clothes at fournineteen
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Aug 21, 2011