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I'm not sure why I would pay to stream TV on Netflix if there are other sources that are offering it free. Sure, the TV element is very nice and I utilize it, but it is not why I'm with Netflix. But it doesn't have to be an either or TV vs movies.
It's difficult subscribing to the thinking that Netflix only cares to stream major films, when films released within the past year make up so little of their options. My guess is that as streaming is utilized at a higher volume.....the viewing selection gets much closer to the offerings of the local video store. But as more people stream, more funding might also be available to create a larger film base. Currently, Netflix is in a crux of trying to please as many as possible..and likely not pleasing anyone as much as we'd like.
Major League Baseball has rarely had parity. The 1950's were dominated by the Yankees. Before the draft the Yankees would sign much of the best amateur talent. They were in collusion with the Kansas City A's for whom they cherry picked....Roger Maris etc. What I don't understand is why the Yankees choose to SPEND so much more than the vast majority of the other teams. Take a few large markets away and the salary structure would crash! Why do the Yankees and a few other teams keep the bubble up?
Holliday is waiting for the Rockies to make a proposal.
Grover. I draw issue with a team increasing ticket prices without showing the proper dedication it takes to put a winning team on the field. I have major issues with ticket prices anyway. Kauffman Stadium is 100% better now because they nixed the artificial turf back in the early 90's. People wondered why they ever had it. They had it because their fan base was flung so far out. I grew up 4 hours from Royals Stadium. I can remember a few times a kid where we would drive up and there'd be a rainout. To me it just looks like another team using the excuse that a new/renovated ballpark will bring on a winner. Hasn't worked in Pittsburgh, and didn't work in Milwaukee for awhile. My real issue isn't just with the Royals. It's with MLB and there new target market. I can't afford to take my family to a game now. It's just no fun...not at the price they ask...and then the parking. The fans they are after are the fickle type who are loose with their credit cards and just want to go have a good time someplace cool. I've had single guys tell me that tickets aren't that bad.....only $20. $20 for them! Try $40 for me if I take my son. The White Sox actually give us 6 free tickets a that's not bad.
Moore seems to have really put himself in a position to not make many deals. I don't understand the idea of trading prospects for prospects that have been proposed on here. I'm not sure what value DeJesus has, but I do think that it's been overinflated. My inclination is that if they could have gotten enough for him he would be gone already. A positive note on Brian Anderson is his range in CF. He can play it legit. He complained about not getting enough at bats with the White Sox to get his batting stroke going. That might be, but in extended palying time he didn't do much better. I thought he'd go to Japan.
Grover, you go on and enjoy paying your way into Kauffman to watch the game on a flatscreen TV. That's whatit's all about...bells and whistles. As far as the tickets prices. I think the Royals did have probably the lowest tiket prices up until last season. I'm in Iowa and can get comparible seats in Milwaukee or at Comiskey cheaper. They went from $14 for the outfield seats to close to $25 in one season in KC. I could care less about the neat gadgets. I'm there to see a baseball game.
If I were a Royals fan I'd demand a major league team before I paid major league money to get into Kaufmann Stadium. The Royals kind of remind me of K-Mart. Nothing much has changed since the 70's and 80's. Ya kind of wonder how they stay in business.
Is there a chance of Rolen moving over to 1B during this contract? With Votto shifting.
I have to wonder what Boras has been doing to drum up competition for Holliday's services. Leak it out that the Orioles and another East Coast team are in on him. I findit highly unlikely that he signs onthe East Coast and especially in New York. He's looking like a longterm Cardinal to me.
Amen on LaRoche. He's a league average 1B. That shouldn't get a player $10 mil per season. Teams seem wiser on players like Damon than they were in the past. A few years ago Damon would have a contract, but it seems teams aren't willing to pay for past glory as much anymore. Still. Damon should be valuable to a team willing to put up with his defensive shortcomings.
Shealy's rap has been a slow bat. He seemed buried with the Royals. He was the heir to Todd Helton in Colorado. Then he was the 1b of the future in KC.
It's nice to get the latest info in one place without having to drudge around the net very long. Simple seems to be better. Sometimes I avoid the comment sections, but even there I have found some valuable insight among the "your team is horrible" people and self appointed cyber-gms.
Gordon just has to stay on the field. He's hard to fully evaluate given the hype and injury history. I saw him at the Twindome a few years ago and he wa all over the ball. He had two long jacks that night. He definitely has the ability to be a special player. I just hope these injuries don't keep him from fully realizing his potential. He wouldn't be the first player to flame out due to nagging injuries.
It's only a minor league deal.
I sense a Carlos Quentin trade coming.
I know Jenks is tubby, but he seems to hold down the closer role with the Sox better than what most teams get from their "closer"... It would be an optimal time for them to move him though. That weight doesn't portent a bright future for him physically. He looks like a quick fade to me.
The Rockies are now scrambling to put together their counter offer.
What do people want the Royals to do? It's not your money people! It's a minor signing that won't mean that much in the big picture. Pena isn't the future either. Myers us apparently that...or someone else who is currently in little league right now. Draft...draft...more draft...that's where it's at.
I believe at one time Kendall was one of the hardest batters to strikeout in the majors. I wouldn't think he'd loose his batting eye as swiftly as other skills. Billy Beane absolutley loved him a few years back. Look who were talking about here....not bad for a Royals signing. Almost an expansion team.
I'd put the odds on LaRussa retiring at 50%
Would the Reds be forced to deal Scott Rolen if they brought in LaRussa? Will Dusty Baker leave enough healthy pitching behind for LaRussa to make his customary 50 pitching changes per game?
Rios has been around awhile. I wouldn't say he has a great amount of upside. He might be like .290/20/85 not horrible, but not justifying the cash either.
I'm not big on Fielder's future. He's going to eat his way off 1B real soon now. The Brewers feel the same way and that's why he's been rumored in so many trades. The idea of locking in a sure-fire DH just doesn't seem like a great idea. You could fill a few holes with the money it'd take to get Fielder signed.
At what point do Royals fans implode? Man! If the Royals and Pirates merged they'd beon the upswing.