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Cory Style
Hong Kong, LA, Pittsburgh, D.C., Boston
Interests: Fashion, Food, Football, Friends (in no particular order) and exploring the world with my Bow Wow and Petah!
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It's been ages and ages since Corystyle has been updated but just wanted to share that we're in L.A. now and have been for the past 2+ years. Here's just some catch up (taken when we first moved back to L.A.) quick piccies of our L.A. home with our new addition, Pork Chop. Our darling Bow Wow sadly and suddenly passed away December 2012, it was devastating to lose him at such a young age, and we will miss him every day so so much. I think Pork Chop and Bow Wow would have been great buddies, though possibly fighting... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2014 at
Looking at these pics actually almost make me miss Boston and our two years there...*almost* haha Mostly, we just miss the times shared with our good friends from HBS and all our yummy food outings...including multiple repeat visits to New Jumbo Seafood in Chinatown. Assorted Cold Cuts and Jellyfish Appetizer Platter--I'm always a fan of these Chinese appetizer platters, love the assortment and nice fatty slices of pork and beef and chicken feet!! heehee New Jumbo's Signature Coconut Crispy Chicken--basically like Chinese Crispy Fried Chicken, deliciously crisped skin with a tender and moist chunk of meat under ;) Pepper Steak--I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2012 at
Peter has always loved candied apples, so I decided to surprise him with some Mrs. Prindables!! If you haven't checked them out (and happen to love "candied apples" too) definitely go visit their site and drool over the delicious goodies! They even come in a nicely wrapped box!!! I guess they should for $22.95 USD per apple, even at it's JUMBO size, that's a pretty "jumbo price tag!" heehee Ta-Da!!!! Presenting the "Triple Jumbo Chocolate Caramel Apple" from Mrs. Prindables!!! Peter loved it, but we both thought it was a big too "ginormous" and I'm not a super sweet tooth... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2012 at
How better to celebrate Chinese New Year than with chomping down delicious Chinese cuisine with friends in a warm and toasty place :) Here are pictures below from the HBS AABA Chinese New Year Dinner at Hei La Moon from January 2012... Everyone mingling before the feasting begins... And the fooding begins!!! Assorted Chinese Cold Cut Meat and Jelly Fish Appetizer--I LOVE Jelly Fish and all those fatty cuts and slices of pork and beef! A MUST HAVE at every Chinese Banquet Style occasion!! Charles & Ianz digging in :) "Birds Nest Seafood"--this dish always confuses me since it's not... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2012 at
A yummy visit to Pho 2000 in Dorchester, MA with Petah, Yosuke and Monica :) Vietnamese Grilled Pork Combination over Broken Rice--who knew "broken rice bits" could be so yummy :) Sweet & Sour Chili Vietnamese Whole Fish--nom nom nom And no visit to Pho 2000 is complete without their classic Combination Pho (with brisket, tendon, rare and well-done beef), the broth is just delicious and heart warming too!!! Hmm, just realized we totally forgot to snap pics with everyone at this dinner outing =X Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2012 at
We had heard about East by Northeast in Cambridge, MA from some friends and finally had the chance to check them out! We decided to go with the 8 Course Tasting Menu, which showcases the best of local ingredients... Sadly, it has been awhile since we dined here back in January this year, so I couldn't really recall most of the dishes, but at least you can check out and enjoy (hopefully not drool too much) over all the food piccies!!! Outside East by Northeast in Cambridge, MA The menu page at East by Northeast I *think* this was some... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2012 at
On a blustery and super cold day in Boston, Petah and I ventured out to Strega Waterfront. We had some gift cards to use up there, that we got from ordering gift cards to oya Boston from Boston gift cards...pretty good deal, buy gift cards to a super yummy place like oya Boston and get extra free gift cards to Strega Waterfront :) **Plus, if you book oya Boston via Opentable, you not only get dining points (which go towards a dining certificate to use at any Opentable restaurant, so the more reservations you make and eat at, the more... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2012 at
Heehee, some random shots we took of Bow Wow with his new "duckie hat" after a trip to Toronto, found the cutest doggy clothing at this one boutique in Pacific Mall!! Love love Pacific Mall, Petah and I can always wander around there for hours!!! I would totally consider moving to Toronto, if it was a bit more South and had weather comparable to L.A. heehee Hi! My name is Bow Wow and I'm a duckie face! :) Bow Wow: "I'm so sad..." Bow Wow turning away from his for doing this to him LOL Happy Weekend everyone!!!! And see?... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2012 at
Even in the gloomy days of Boston Winters, the sight of Hermes Orange will definitely add smiles to everyone's faces :) :) :) Here's our little tower of Hermes boxes... Bow Wow was wondering if there were any goodies in there for him...instead, all he got was a sticker on his head ;) A super comfy Aoki Grey Fur Lined Hood Jacket--soooo comfy and warm!!! I'll post better pics soon when I'm NOT in my Paul Frank Pajama shorts and sleepwear haha--but I LOVE this Balenciaga Cyclamen Weekender, the oversized and bright color combination is perfection!!! Yes, Bow Wow still... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2012 at
Hi Lena!! I know...Bow Wow is always sad when it's "dress up" time heehee
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2012 on Bow Wow and his new sweater :) at
I would claim to have knitted this for Bow Wow but just about everyone who knows me would know that wasn't true haha...but yah, I love making Bow Wow wear clothes...he likes it much less ;) Bow Wow in his Taupe Grey Knitted Sweater :) He's wondering when he can take it off haha Meanwhile, downstairs, Petah was opening yet another pressie, and yes, you would think he'd be more grateful! Harumph! LOL Unveil!!! Petah and Petah Wabbit, reunited at last!!! Not sure why Peter doesn't look happier here... YAY, there's the cheery face reaction we were looking for...*note* Peter... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2012 at
Well, with the holiday season quickly approaching, maybe this post from Christmas 2011 will give some inspiration and motivation to start that Christmas shopping and card writing early-ier this year!!! Bow Wow wondering what all the commotion and fuss is about... Our Christmas Twee and Pressies Display--I LOVE LOVE the Santa bag, he has extendy arms and legs, so adorable right??!!! Me and Bow Wow waiting to open pressies! Me--Ron Herman Vintage Free City Turquoise Zip Up Hoodie Can you tell how happy "Reindeer" Bow Wow is??? ;) ;) heehee Bow Wow sniffing out one of his pressies, if only... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2012 at
Thanks K and Philip!! You're both so sweet!!!
I am back and alive!!!! Thanks to all my loyal readers who reminded me constantly that I needed to update here! Since moving back to Cali, things have been just sheer madness and craziness, alas, that's not a good enough excuse, so we'll just get to posting regularly again :) And yes! More closet, fashion item profile pics and posts to come!!! Here Peter and I had our Christmas Eve dinner at Petit Robert Bistro before I jetted off to L.A. to spend the holidays with my family :) French Onion Soup--also lots of cheese and yumminess at Petit Robert!... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2012 at
Thanks Droody, I will start loading more piccies soon and will try to group them by styles or colors!! xoxo
Thanks K and I am in the midst of doing updates and new pic uploads very soon!!! Stay tuned :)
Yes to all of the above!!! :) :) And come visit, we will definitely do tea and loads of other food!!!!
Haha, I think Bow Wow was the least happy out of all of us!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2012 on Bow Wow Santa Pics @ Natick Mall at
Heehee, we try, well, I must admit I love pressie shopping and make it a huge deal, so Peter has obliged and gotten into holidays (decorating, card writing, present wrapping)...we usually do all our Christmas stuff to the Peanuts Christmas CD :)
Thanks Karolina!!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2012 on 75 Chestnut Secret Santa ;) at
I know I'm so so behind in responses and everything blog related haha but thanks K!! You're always so sweet and supportive!! xoxo
In our last months in Boston, Peter and I figured we should try to see as much of Boston as possible (ie: Duck Tours and such) was kind of crazy but in the 1.5 years we had been in Boston, this was our first visit to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall! Outside Quincy Market, and yes, it was bitter cold that day!!! Me--Isabel Marant Sammy Leather embellished Jacket, Northface Kiddo Black Fleece gloves (kiddo gloves are the only ones that fit my short fingers/small hand haha), and Chanel Chain Around Coral Leather Medium messenger bag Petah in front of the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2012 at
During our 2 year stay in Boston, my go-to Afternoon Tea place was The Taj Hotel in the Back Bay. I can't say it was the bestest I've ever had or even that the decor and atmosphere was stunning, but, it did fit the bill of what one would look for in an afternoon tea experience. I think the rooms could have done with a little more decorating since it always felt kind of drab, and with Boston weather the way it is, making the indoors nice and inviting is that much more important. Anyhoo, here are pics from another... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2012 at
Soo, even if I cannot officially show up for "Pictures with Santa" anymore, who says Bow Wow can't? And since Bow Wow can't obviously go alone, Peter and I had to come along for the occasion heehee! And yes, we are "those horrible pet parents" who dress up their dog from time to time...ta-da! Bow Wow in full Christmas spirit! Petah and Bow Wow at Natick Mall :) PZ--American Outfitters White Shirt with Pearly buttons (yes, shocking, American Outfitters!), Rag & Bone slim fit blue denim trousers, Salvatore Ferragamo Deeper Black Loafers, Hermes Brown Woven belt Bow Wow--dressed as a... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2012 at
What better way to spend a rainy cold December night in Boston, than with a bunch of friends at a Secret Santa exchange event ;) Philbert quite happy er...confused? with his pressies LOL Judith loving her cute little Angry Bird :) Holiday Cheers!!! Me--Camilla Beaded Sequined Caftan Tunic Top Me--Camilla Beaded Sequined Caftan Tunic Top, Manolo Blahnik Black Buckle Leather Boots, Valentino Glam Sequin Clutch and oversized Burberry Black Umbrella :) Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2012 at