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xbjllb First you don't represent JESUS. JESUS commanded the showing of mercy to human beings including human embryos. You have in the past staated JESUS would stop you if what you did was evil. Not so, if you read the Bible you would know that 2Peter chapter 2 says GOD has reserved for judgement the punishment of the wicked. So it is not true that judgement is immediate. And abortiond murder by amputation and burning with chemicals is not merciful. Second when my daughter was in my wifes womb - i felt her kicking so she was allive before birth and therefore had a soul. In addition you DEFY EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY because the results shows my daughter has 23 sets of double helix chromosomes each with the correct order of genes that is identical to born humans. So my daughter was both human and alive in her mother's womb. So your statements are false. My friend for some reason you defy what experimental Biology can prove with mere semantics. That is going against objective reality - which doesn't mean you live in a world of reality.
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xbjllb First of all you do not represent Jesus. Second your use of semantics never nullifies science - only experimental evidence can nullify science. Third of all i have a computer printout of all your remarks because you are useful because i can discuss with my daughter how a foolish mind works. Fourth: YOUR IGNORING THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY WHICH AS I STATED EARLIER SHOWS BY EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION WITH THE MICROSCOPE THAT THE EMBRYO HAS 23 SETS OF DOUBLE HELIX CHROMOSONES AND DESPITE WHAT BIOLOGY HAS VERIFIED YOUR STATEMENTS DEFY SCIENTIFIC FACT.
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xbjllb To begin with human embryos are not parasites. When my wife was pregnant with our daughter i saw the ultrasound pictures and clearly she was human. In addition i felt the baby kick many times while my daughter was in the womb. In addition YOUR IGNORING THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY WHICH AS I STATED EARLIER SHOWS BY EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION WITH THE MICROSCOPE THAT THE EMBRYO HAS 23 SETS OF DOUBLE HELIX CHROMOSONES AND DESPITE WHAT BIOLOGY HAS VERIFIED YOUR STATEMENTS DEFY SCIENTIFIC FACT. You don't even read Biology textbooks - and you question me? With the wonders of my wife being pregnant and the wonders of the baby - i started reading molecular biology books which expanded my horizon to more than computer books. So who are you to question me? In addition my family are protestants not catholic. In addition your reference to Islam with such fondness proves how idiotic you are. After 9/11 i started to read what the Quran says. i found such statements such as the command to its followers to amputate every finger off the unbeliever located in surah 8:12. i found the statement where there is the command to cut off the unbelievers head in surah 47:4. i KNOW THAT SHARIA LAW APPROVES MISTREATMENT OF FEMALES SUCH AS IN FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION AND HONOR KILLING OF WOMEN AND KILLING OF WOMEN FOR NOT WEARING THE BURKA. AND YOU THINK THAT I WOULDN'T BE CONCERNED ABOUT MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER - YOU IDIOT. AS THE BIBLE COMMENTS THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE RAGE OF A MOTHER BEAR WHEN ITS CUBS ARE THREATEN - AND YOU THINK I DON'T HAVE MORE SENSE THAN A BEAR. YOU PROVE THE IRRATIONAL IDIOCY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WILL NOT DETER ME FROM DEFENDING MY DAUGHTER OR WIFE IF NECESSARY.
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xbjllb Your irrationality is shown by saying a dead frog that once lived which has a battery attached. An embryo doesn't start out dead and then have a battery attached to him/ her so there is no analogy. No one knew that the hijacking was going to result in the planes being flown into buildings: until that point no planes were hijacked then flown into a building: CONSEQUENTLY DICK CHENEY WHICH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE LACKS PSYCHIC ABILITY WOULD NOT KNOW TO TAKE MILITARY ACTION therefor XBJLLB YOU ARE IRRATIONAL. THE PERCENTAGE OF LEGAL ABORTIONS THAT RESULT IN DEATH IS AS HIGH AS ILLEGAL ABORTIONS. THERE WAS NEVER 100000 ILLEGAL ABORTIONS DEATH A YEAR AS WAS CLAIMED. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT JESUS. AS IT SAYS IN THE GOSPELS "BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING". You are attempting to justify murder like hitler did by denying the humanity of people and you are attempting to justify the us supreme court which in Dred Scott declared that African Americans weren't human and the democratic party by nominating McClellan to run against REPUBLICAN ABRAHAM LINCOLN. McClellan didn't want the Civil War to continue so this country could eliminate slavery [by the way senator robert byrd a democrat was a grand wizzard of the klu klux klan]. Beside Dred Scott decision the us supreme court also decided that the embryo isn't human - so the supreme court once again is in the business of declaring who is human and who is not. The science OF BIOLOGY NOT THE SUPREME COURT DETERMINED THE HUMANITY OF THE EMBRYO - THUS ROE V WADE DEFIES SCIENCE. You just don't learn you repitition over and over the embryo isn't human also defies science. YOU ARE IRRATIONAL.
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One more comment that i should have included in my comment at 5:32PM is as follows: in regard to the democratic party philosophy that all truth is relative - one very strong indicator of this is Obama as a State Senator in Illinois voted 3 times to deny babies who survive an abortion be denied medical care.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Enemies of the State at Monica Crowley
xbjllb 1. Your assertion that abortion applied to hitler etc is merciful defies rationality. To prevent hitler you are going to murder medical doctors, someone who could cure cancer and all the human beings who are good. Rationality says we cannot determine who is the extremely bad. RATIONALITY SAYS THAT YOU CONTROL THE hitler TYPE PERSONALITY FROM GAINING POWER OVER PEOPLE IS to recognize them for the threat that they represent and to PREVENT THEM FROM GAINING CONTROL OVER A NATION'S MILITARY. 2. Neville Chamberlain just got a worthless piece of paper when he confronted hitler in Munich promising peace. DICK CHENEY KNOWS THE ERROR OF NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN AND AVOIDED REPEATING THE CHAMBERLAIN MISTAKE. CHENEY ACTED TO DESTROY EVIL - REMEMBER THAT ON 9/11 AIRPLANES WAS FLOWN INTO BUILDINGS? So your claims against Cheney are irrational and all you are doing is being a mouthing the democratic party line. But as i wrote earlier the democratic party is the party which prefers relativistic morality - and as i mentioned earlier that one of the reasons truth is absolute is that it is true despite our beliefs [i used the example to illustrate this of the earth is always round is true and the belief of the vast majority of people was the earth was flat - so it wasn't truth that changed just the belief of people that changed] 3. YOUR CLAIMS ABOUT JESUS SAYING THAT AN EMBRYO DOESN'T HAVE A SOUL UNTIL BIRTH REQUIRES that you be asked where in the Bible does it say that? Everyone please note in Luke1: 44 Elizabeth said when she met Mary that the "Babe leaped in my womb for joy" Leaping for joy is an indication that there is a soul already in the baby. 4. YOUR CLAIM ABOUT COAT HANGER ABORTIONS IS FALSE because even legal abortions causes death - there exist the Blackmun wall named after Supreme Court Justice Blackmun and this wall memorializes women who were killed by legal abortions. And the women who went to the low talented doctors who preformed back alley abortions always had an opportunity to go to real medical professionals.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Enemies of the State at Monica Crowley
It isn't a gamble - the SCIENCE of embryology has established the fact that after fertilization within one day that there is tiny bundle of quickly dividing cells. Now ONLY WHAT IS LIVING undergoes cell division, for example nonliving stuff like rocks do not undergo cell division, and what was once alive when dead does not have cell division. xbjllb you are not sticking with JESUS because HE said that the merciful shall be granted mercy. ABORTION IS NOT MERCIFUL. Once again you are trying to use relative morality. As i already pointed out truth is absolute with about 5 examples of the reason for why truth is absolute. So the democratic party ideology of relative truth is false so the democratic party is fraud. So the democrats advocate a lie, and can't be trusted even in the area of what they say about conservatives. Conservatives do not promote unnecessary war - they do promote war to destroy absolute evil - example hitler would not be removed from power without war after Neville Chamberlains appeasement of hitler in Munich.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Enemies of the State at Monica Crowley
i meant to write "23 sets of double helix chromosomes residing in a cell nucleus" In my posting at 7:34PM i wrote the word if instead of the word in.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on Enemies of the State at Monica Crowley
xbjllb i have no problem with science: BIOLOGY TEXTBOOKS does state that the embryo has DNA of 23 sets if double helix chromosomes residing in a cell nucleus. The experimental verification of this is by the microscope. You have the problem with science since you have no experimental justification for your statement. If the embryo wasn't human from the beginning, then how does the DNA suddenly change into human DNA - by using a magic wand? How does it go from non human to suddenly become human? Your use of the term fetus and prehuman is merely an illogical use of trying to disguise the truth by altering the vocabulary. Since you want to hide the truth with language you have much in common with hitler who used terms like useless eaters to describe obvious human beings. Your attempts to discredit chastity shows like the democratic party you have a anything goes - in other words relativistic morality. But truth isn't relative because it isn't something you invent, it is discovered. [example Sir Issac Newton didn't invent gravity he discovered it]. Truth is true everywhere [example 4 + 3 is 7 no matter what culture]. Truth doesn't depend on what we believe [example hitler was sincere but he was absolutely wrong]. Truth is unchanging it is just our beliefs about truth that changes [The earth is round, people just changed their beliefs about the earth being flat]. Attitudes do not affect truth [it doesn't make one difference if a person is arrogant or humble, attitude doesn't affect what the truth is] Consequently all truth is absolute. BUT YOU STICK UP FOR THE DEMOCRATS WHO THINK TRUTH IS RELATIVE WHICH WAS JUST EASILY REFUTED - so as i say again ABORTION IS MURDER
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xbjllb Killing Babies are always MURDER. The abortion lobby promotes ideas such as the embryo is bacteria or a virus and i am a personal witness to people making this claim - the claim is a LIE, any BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK SAYS bacteria has one DNA that is circular for some types of bacteria or supercoiled for other types of bacteria. Thus democratic party claims are falsified by science. And any claim about back alley abortions those abortionists should be brought to trial for murder with death penalty implictions. In terms of partial birth abortions where the babies brains are suctioned out when the baby is obvious human by visual inspection. The claim there was 100000 back alley abortions a year before roe v wade WAS A LIE. The democratic party DOES NOT REPRESENT THE LITTLE MAN, IT REPRESENT SPECIAL INTERESTS LIKE MOVEON.ORG SAID THEY BOUGHT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on Enemies of the State at Monica Crowley
xbjllb The reason most Americans resent Obama care is because congress has not subjected themselves to the same health care they determined for themselves therefore American citizens know that the democratic politicians think they are priviledged characters. Everyone knows the best solution is to provide education funds for the best qualified to become Medical Doctors to increase the supply from the 800000 MD's that the USA now has and also limiting lawyers who sue MD'S. So Monica you are right on and xbjllb is foolish And also xbjllb the democratic party are liars because when it comes to abortion they commit fraud on the public because any ELEMENTARY BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK says that the embryo has 23 sets of double helix for DNA that proves that the embryo is human. So the democrats commit fraud and conspirators to murder and therefore cannot be trusted to tell the truth!!!
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What the demoncrats fail to know [and i dare say are willfully ignorant of] that they do perfectly well to communicate, they forget that actions speak louder than words. Also they are willfully ignorant that what a person thinks will eventually be what they speak and what their actions are. i personally pay no attention to a person's words but i pay careful attention to their actions. And the actions of the demoncrats have me believe that they will cancel all further elections in the United States before this years elections. So pray to the LORD G-D to prove me wrong for the good of you and your children.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Truth...or Consequences at Monica Crowley