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It's a protectorate of the United States. Given that protectorates are no longer a recognised category in international law that just means that it's the normal Organised Hypocrisy of sovereignty. Given that under classical international law the UK would be classed as a US protectorate given that they have sovereign military bases that doesn't say that much. I don't think the fact that the Privy Council is their highest Court of Appeal says that much unless you'd argue that Jamaica isn't sovereign either. I don't imagine the UK would do anything if the Bermudan government set up a domestic Supreme Court. Suppose for the sake of argument the Bermudans contracted, by treaty or otherwise for some other entity to run its highest Court of Appeal, Canada would be fine seeing as the foundations of the legal systems are close to identical. Would that make Bermuda more or less sovereign than it is currently? The DEA situation, is it that different from the situation in Colombia, and would you decribe Colombia as sovereign? All of these small countries are legally sovereign under sufferance from the USA. You could say that of practically the entire Caribbean and Central America. If you were really pushing it the sovereign states in the Latin America and the Caribbean would be Brazil and Mexico. Sovereignty isn't a binary state.
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Aug 13, 2011