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This is so easy! Every year my stamping club goes to a cabin in the mountains for a few days to do projects. The first night is always a big group chicken salad mixed in the big red bowl donated by one of our dear friends before she passed away. So we have a tradition, great memories, and so much stamping fun!
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2017 on April 2017 Release Day at {capture the moment}
I need Every Single Thing in this post. Yesterday!! I sure hope that I get my order in before they are sold out...
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2015 on Nativity Inspiration at {capture the moment}
I'm loving the week of Merry Christmas cheer! I love how the mini market kits are so amazing and affordable.
So much beauty today! I can hardly wait for the rest of the release. Thanks so much.
My goal is to get all my stamping supplies put away where I can get to them easily and put them away again easily. The end of the year seems like a challenging target, so I better get going!
oh, oh, oh!! I'm so overwhelmed about all the fun announced today. Plus I really, really want to have Christmas Pin-Ups, Valentine Pin-Ups, and Birthday Pin-ups (so please make those for us, also)!
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2015 on Hallows Eve Inspiration at {capture the moment}
I can't decide if I am sad to see summer coming to an end or happy for fall to get here. Looking at the great colors and fun projects today has me looking forward to the change in seasons coming up!
I just love to stand outside with my arms out wide and my face up to the sky and get drenched! I love rain so much, and it is kind of rare here in Colorado.
Ohh! Time got away from me this month and I just today realized that it is release time at PTI. That means I just got to see everything all at one time. What a treat! Today's release reminds me that I don't ever see the beautiful florals in linens at the store. Kind of a sad thing, but today's posts helped that a lot. Imagine making my own design!! What a great idea.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2015 on Vintage Linens at {capture the moment}
WOW! just wow! I love all the types of popping and lifting. I love the consistency of using the balloons, candles, and cupcakes. And I love the chance to send the cutest cards ever with this kit!
Chicken Scratch is amazing! So many well thought out details.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2015 on Introducing Chicken Scratch at {capture the moment}
I love all the projects that the team members have created. Thanks for the contest!
This is the bitter-sweet day of the anniversary every year. Welcome, Amy! I'm happy to see that you have joined the team. And goodbye Melissa, and good luck. I will be sad to not see Erin's projects every month. I always look at hers first! Looking forward to her big news. And yeah for PTI going stronger than ever after 8 years!!
I LOVE the blue butterfly with the word "thanks" cut out of the middle, then stamped in the gap. Soooo cool!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2015 on Maile Belles Returns at {capture the moment}
grab bags! really!! I can't miss out on the anticipation of what might be inside.
Those tiny bouquets are so exciting! I always love sentiments for the inside of the card. Thanks for the beautiful projects!
Although winter is my favorite season, I like the spring time in today's release. I particularly appreciate that you include some religious items.
Looking through all those stamp sets brought back so many memories! Lots of fun. 1. desktop design 2. summer hills 3. home made 4. summer camp 5. kid kudos 6. teepee time 7. on the farm 8. city scene
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2015 on Introducing Petite Places at {capture the moment}
Those gold sticker sheets will be a mainstay for me, I can tell already! And I love the theme for this year's stamp-a-faire. I can hardly wait until it happens.
I really love the blue skies cover plate. It took me a while to get my mind around it--it just seems very different to me with all the texture.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2015 on Introducing Blue Skies at {capture the moment}
I found 15 birds.
The thing I like best about this planner is the basic pages dies. I love the planner as designed, but the ability to add blank pages whenever I want means that I can truly use it to record the memories/photos/insights/books read/people met for each day, if I want.
My super hero is my dad, who would move mountains for me,if needed.
I'm so excited about everything in this month's release! I especially like today's post, where a cupcake isn't just a cupcake. There are so many ways to make a unique creation. So fun!
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2015 on Introducing Baker's Dozen at {capture the moment}
Birthday cards are the ones I make the most, and mine are usually late, so the belated words are perfect for me.