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Reading your post, I felt like you had entered my head and described my life last week! I SO relate to everything you shared---I just accomplished much of this over my holiday break last week. One of my plans for the New Year is just that-- to SIMPLIFY ( I went through every single closet/drawer/nook (ok--a few snuck by for now) and purged everything that didn't have a purpose/use/or special meaning. We were left with huge piles of donation/sell/toss and it felt so good (mostly after the fact). Now the hard part for me is keeping up with it and not falling back into old habits. I've been trying very hard this week to make sure everything gets put back in it's proper space at the end of the's not easy! Good luck to everyone trying to live simply. It's a great goal! P.S. My linen closet looked a lot like yours---I kept two sets of sheets per bed and the rest will be finding new life elsewhere ;) I was not brave enough to share my bathroom and closet photos- though I too considered it. I found expired products from 2006!!! Yikes!!
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Jan 4, 2012