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Courtyard Gardener
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Oh yes, this is me too. I'm not retired yet, but it is looming larger and larger in my mind. My job can be great, and like Jacq looking back sometimes the 70 hour weeks seem the most fun and satisfying ones, and the 20 hour weeks kicking my heels can be quite depressing ... But what is not fun is week after week after week of 55 hours, being tired, getting ratty, not being engaged at work or home, not being as good a partner/daughter/sister/friend as I would like to be. Every time I have a work nightmare I feel I move permanently a bit further away from job satisfaction, and closer to taking the leap... On a completely different topic, I am LOVING your blog so much I have gone back to the beginning and am reading it through (hence still being back in 2011!). Thank you for writing. And now, because it is a Saturday and I am not yet retired, off to do some work :-(
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Nov 18, 2011