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I have no idea what products this Rhett buffoon sells, or even the names of the companies behind which he flogs them. What I CAN say is this: He doesn't know the first damn thing about the law. He continuously confuses civil and criminal matters, thinks defamation is a crime, yammers about tortious interference the way Deepak Chopra blathers about quantum mechanics (which is to say fancy jargon designed to fool only those who don't understand the jargon). Frankly, I'm tempted to do some research into this stuffed idiot, crank up a few blog posts featuring his own words and exposing him as the yammering imbecile he clearly is, and hang an open invitation to take me to court. Truth is a full defense to an action in libel and, from what I've read here, Rhett wouldn't be coming to court with clean hands. But before I have him non-suited, I'd certainly enjoy the ever lifting jumped up jesus on skis out of DEPOSING the arrogant bastard. @Pranab: Any threat to sue can be carried out. He can file the papers, make all sorts of wild allegations that just barely pass the threshold of not being dismissed as vexatatious litigation, and thus force the respondent to spend what may turn out to be a sh**load of money defending the suit. Most people are not angry enough, committed enough or rich enough to be bothered fighting an egregious a**hole who is willing to inflict legal process. This is the strategy commonly employed by the MPAA, Monster Cable, various patent claimants, etc. It's generally cheaper, faster and just all round easier to take down the blog and STFU. Of course, some of us are QUALIFIED to represent ourselves, and consider inflicting legal process RIGHT BACK rather something of a hobby.