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John, I am with you 100%. I recently moved to North Carolina from Miami. It was time to get away from all the f-ing cubans. Yes you are all "chusma". I was raised in Miami by my cuban grandmother and mother and know first hand how crazy those people are. I have seen Miami change from a clean friendly city to a dangerous, overpopulated, overbuilt, overpolluted, unhospitable, hostile one. I have known most Cubans to be inconsiderate, confrontational, name calling, unreasonable, unjust people. But as luck would have it, my boyfriend who I love is a marielito no less. We argue all the time. What upsets me is when he says things like "Dade County belongs to the cubans" and "cubans are better than Mexicans" I am so glad that I now have you to back me up. Hey lets have lunch in Blowing Rock! Lol Alysa