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This is 100% justified if these people did not want their details blown they really should not have decided to engage in tax avoidance on such a ridiculous scale. That money could have paid for hospitals, schools and would have made some of the national debt more manageable. Morally it is just and in one of these hard cases subsuming senses of moral guilt into the performance of legal formalism should not be a defence for the greedy. More to the point those who engage in this behaviour must lose some of the expectation of anonymity that they currently enjoy. Ultimately that is the only way that they will be deterred from basically taking money from less fortunate and hard working. Anyway Assange will edit some of the material so it's a matter of degree. If he publishes enough info. so that the guilty can be shamed fair enough. But I don't want the children of a greedy banker being subject to harassment so I hope that there is a sensible
I am sorry this is correlation without causation. Whilst a very well written and passionate defence of liberty, as befits someone of his standing at the bar, I am a little lost as to why we need a British bill of rights and what that would contain. If we take comparative examples such a bill could be used as a stakeholder exercise to test perceptions, attitudes and by in to rights of the population. I recently worked on such a process in the British Virgin Islands (a pace which is subject to the HRA due to being a British Territory) and we found support for the death penalty and anti gay legislative provisions was viewed as being “essential” to a bill of rights that met their “needs as a territory”. In my view this is just one example of the famous ‘tyranny of the majority’- an inevitable consequence of a national bill of rights which the author is suggesting. The assault on’ ancient liberties’ is not a modern phenomena – in World War Two western governments happily engaged in mass identity programs and racist programs of detention without trial. Legislation was passed specifically to allow the internment of people on racist grounds. The Human Rights Act does not go far enough. We need to really go the way of South Africa and Malawi and make the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights fully justiceable. Equally there needs to be immutability clauses over the NHS requiring super majorities to repeal any provision (as in Brazil), housing rights (as in India) and enforceable welfare rights against any public body.
I am going to place a solid bet here that the majority of people who post on this site would say yes to the following (1) The banning of all strikes - outright (2) The abolition of any living wage agreements in the public sector (3) a requirement for all transport workers to be non-unionsied (4) the lowering of tube workers pay to the minimum wage
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Aug 13, 2010