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If you're healthy and content, then that's what matters the most in my opinion. You're living your life & we're all so happy about it. Life never gives you breaks, doesn't it ? I wish I could be here for the lawn sale, I'm sure I'd come home with some treasures of yours. I do understand the feeling to purge, we pile treasures (and more) so easily & so fast. Sending you all my love xoxoxo
Toggle Commented May 27, 2014 on hello at resurrection fern
Sorry for the late reply my friend, being obliged to use hubby's laptop is not so easy (both him & the kids use it). Anyway. Yay, a new post from you ! I'm so happy ! I think it's been such a demanding couple of years (to say the least), and blogging is the first thing that doesn't come on top of list, and that's normal. But I'm glad you found the time to post ! I hope your new life in your new place will be right wonderful. You deserve it so much ! Sending you love, my friend. xoxo
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Enjoy your family as much as possible, that's the most important ever. We'll always be there when you'll have more time for your blog. I know I will. Sending big big big hugs to the whole family !!! xoxo
Oh wow, Lina, you're going to laugh ... my blog's entry dated Thursday 11th had the same title !! LOL ( How fun !! It's been very cold over here, of course not as much as you, but it's cold for Paris !! LOL Have a great, warm & cozy weekend !! xoxo
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Hi Lina ! Oh wow, -29°C ? Oh my word, I've already known -17°C but it's almost twice !! Eeek ! LOL I hope you all manage to stay warm & that it's not too slippery outside. xoxo
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2008 on It's here! at Linaloo
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