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It's NOT US! It's our stupid politicians and governments.
To MegRyan, I agree absolutely. I came across Pamela's blog about 5 years ago and it literally opened my eyes. I try as well to "correct" people's incorrect assumptions about islam, which are fueled my MSM biased journalism. Pamela is righteous.
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One thing that all this publicity will undoubtedly do is "tempt" some people to read Pamela Geller's writings, either her books or her blog Atlas Shrugs, and THAT is a good thing!
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Jun 28, 2013
I started to cry when I saw the photo of Tommy Robinson holding the stars and stripes wreath; an odd mix of pride and grief. God Bless you and your valuable work.
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Poor Baby! Double entendre - take your pick!!
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I also heard that the authorities are giving parking tickets to burnt out cars! This is INSANE.
It's great that he is now free, but I worry for his safety. I'm sure someone in that country is out to kill him. He should emigrate with his family if possible, and as soon as possible.
Let us ask ourselves this question. If there were no muslims at all, would there be any need for all these guns? Enough said.
It was almost surreal; they barely appeared to be moving. Somehow the words "barbarian hordes knocking at the gate" come to mind.
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Oh Pamela, I almost wept you were so good! This has to be the best interview of you I've ever seen. Talk about about articulate! I'm sure you got through to at least some people who have been sitting on the fence about sharia and islam itself. Let's sincerely hope so. Please G_d give you the strength to "soldier" on (pun intended). You have so many people behind you who you don't even know (including me!).
School teachers in the Chicago area make over $75,000 a year? Maybe I should move there and get a job. The school board should never have hired her.
ONLY TWO?!!! This is nuts! It's just another islamic supremacist victory which chips steadily at our foundation of freedom.
Pamela, I wanted to send you my rebuttal to Craig Murray's article: This article enraged me and I absolutely had to respond! My response is under Coupal. It must be nice for you to simply place blame on others, neatly absolving the individual who perpetrated this abhorrent crime of responsibility. It seems to me that by your way of thinking, no one is responsible for their actions because they can always point a finger to those others who supposedly “influenced” them. In the case of a battered woman, don’t blame the guy who beat her up; after all, she MADE HIM DO IT! Your way of thinking defies logic. You say that the links of these articles in atlas shrugs have been disabled. This is plainly NOT TRUE. I found every single article on atlas shrugs. In NO WAY do these articles encourage violence. Pamela Geller scours the internet to find articles which she posts on her blog with her comments. If she finds out that an article is not true in any way, she always posts a retraction or rebuttal. SHE HAS NEVER ENCOURAGED VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM. She only wants to tell the truth about one of the most intolerant, violent ideologies the world has ever known. Have you ever read the quran, Craig Murray? Do you know about the law of abrogation where if there are two verses that contradict each other, the one written later is the one that is followed. Have you read the hadiths and the life of mohammed? Do you know that mohammed is held as the perfect man and that his is the example for muslims to follow? Do you know about takiyya? – that islam mandates deception when dealing with non-muslims. This deception is taught in the quran chapter 3 verse 28 and chapter 16 verse 106. Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself in the quran. (Before you dismiss me as a racist, remember that islam is NOT a race. I am a teacher and have a lot of muslim students. I treat everyone with respect and dignity and judge people by their character and actions, NOT by any other criteria.) Pamela, pease know that thousands are with you!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on xoxo at Atlas Shrugs
Just how are these muslims intending to enforce this? I REALLY want to know. Will there be gangs of roving thugs beating up people? If this is the case, I wonder if the police will intervene and arrest them, or will they just stand by in the interest of "community cohesion"? Perhaps they'll have to resort to this: Did you hear about the guy who called the police, because he saw some people stealing things out of the shed in his back yard? The police asked him if they were in his house and he said, "No." After hearing that, the police then said that all their units were busy and that he should lock his doors. They would send someone as soon as they could. The guy hung up, waited 30 seconds and called back. "I just called you about the people stealing things out of my shed. Well, don't worry about it, I shot them." In less than five minutes, police cars screeched into his driveway, sirens blaring, and caught the thieves red-handed. "I thought you said you shot them," said the officer. "I thought you said no one was available," he replied. JUST JOKING, OF COURSE!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on Sharia Zones Enforced in UK at Atlas Shrugs
"The "belly bomb" is the invention of Ibrahim Asiri, a young Saudi native who packed explosives into the rectal cavity of his 23-year old brother Abdullah for a suicide mission." AND HIS BROTHER WENT ALONG WITH IT??!! For what? Probably Abdullah wanted to lose his virginity with all those 72 virgins. Talk about brain-washing! Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his brother Abdullah, but would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS HAVE SACRIFICED HIMSELF. This is a monstrous evil.
I think that one of the possible reasons why they chose to "chastise" Libya and not Iran is because Iran could fight back with nuclear weapons. The response in this situation is bleeding hypocrisy.
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Feb 7, 2011
Very powerful ad. Bravo! I am with you in spirit!
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2010 on Free Yourself! at Atlas Shrugs
If the authorities were so sure of their position in being right to execute these girls, I wonder why they did not want it being recorded. Surely if they were right they would want to brag to the whole world about how just their system of justice is. NO? They didn't want it recorded because they knew what they were doing was sheer thuggery to control the rest of the population. It literally makes me sick.
Anyone with half an ounce of curiousity reading these lies about Pamela Geller, might just be drawn to her blog Atlas Shrugs and Spencer's Jihad Watch to find out more. My only comforting thought is that they will just possibly realize they have been duped by Goldberg and thereby discover the real truth. "Truth is truth to the end of reckoning." (William Shakespeare, "Measure for Measure", Act 5 scene 1)
My heart sank as I read this. One thing that the New York Times article might do is cause people who read it to look up Atlas Shrugs and read your blog. Who knows? Maybe some will become enlightened. I have always said that if I'm the only person standing on the mountain top who knows the real truth, I WILL BE THAT ONE PERSON. Courage! You are NOT alone.
He still looks like a waiter - the smarmy kind that is "gunning" for a big tip. He really believes he's more intelligent than us and that we're all stupid. Underestimating us will be his downfall.
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Jul 19, 2010
This makes me absolutely sick and deeply ashamed! It is blatantly obvious that this judge has NO IDEA about islam and sharia law and was sucked in by a sob story. Her get-out-of-jail free card sends a message to others who would contemplate doing the same thing that they will be dealt with leniently.