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Great piece! I'm completely with you on using lists and search columns, it only makes Twitter complicated and the beauty of the service is in it's simplicity. Besides, I use list and hashtag columns for specific events and groups that I need to focus on at the moment, which already creates too many to effectively watch. Honestly, I think it's FAR ruder to follow someone back yet not read their tweets. When someone follows me I assume they are actually seeing some of what I post (not all, after all, most of us have lives off-Twitter as well). I don't read new follower emails, even, I tend to follow people I find through having conversations with them or seeing them have great ones with my current tweeps. As it is, following over 900 people who add great value to my stream, it's hard to keep up! I'm also pretty harsh about unfollows, if someone consistently detracts from my stream (e.g.: constant negativity) or abuses the privilege of DMing I have no qualms about unfollowing regardless of whether they follow me. The other great beauty of Twitter is the lack of necessary mutuality. Following someone is letting them into your head on a daily basis. Not everyone belongs there!
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Aug 5, 2010