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those patterns are fabulous!
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the worst was in 6th grade. I was/am a robust girl, and starting in middle school my mom would shop the petites sportswear department for my clothes instead of juniors. I showed up in a sweatervest/elastipant ensemble that exactly matched my 40+ homeroom teacher's, and wanted to disappear
totally droolworthy
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a day to be left alone in the studion uninterrupted for sme serious making with podcasts on my ipod, followed by dinner out (no dishes!) as an excuse to dress up for once
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OMG, i love this concept! especially the addition pillow
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that is rt up our alley!
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knit a calorimetry!
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the dolls look great! i'm definiteley going to give this a try
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Logan usually climbs out of bed before I do and starts "cooking" breakfast i his play kitchen. this usually buys me another 15 min of dozing , until he brings over a wooden egg and trys to shove it in my mouth; that's my cue to get up and fix our real breakfast!
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i love the yarn hairstyle!
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i love the doll quilt nursery idea! i made one of your make-a-long "Archie" dolls for Logan's 2nd birthday last month, and wanted to tell that we both love it! he named him Isaac, and has been toting him around ever since... hopefully i'll get my camera working soon and can add him to the flickr pool
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2007 on maybe not quite so small at Wee Wonderfuls Archive
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I'm loving these little slices of your days.... and i've been inspired for a few months now by your unschooling anecdotes.... i feel like i have so much to look forward to as my little guy gets bigger! that little red riding hood fabric is divine :)
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2007 on making our way, day 5 at SouleMama
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I'm loving the cia's palette fabrics, and the shape of that bag! as for the book-chucking toddler, that's pretty much where mine is at too; unfortunately i'm still at the want-to-sleep all day level of sick....
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