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If Little Griff is Illyrio's son vs. Rhaegar, it would explain tons; the old children clothes Tyrion gets dressed in, why Illyrio is so upset not to spend time with Griff (Illyrio's keeping his wife's hands he's that obsessed), Illyrio's angle in this whole plot, why Varys could take the assassination gamble with Daenerys, why GRRM kept having it come up that various new characters looked like Targaryens (establishes that is the Valyrian blood vs strictly Targaryen)...
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Varys is clearly keeping his decision tree open, but the reveal of Aegon VI made me more trusting of him as a Restorationist; after all, arranging even a half-hearted hit on Dany is less dangerous when you have a spare heir. As for Viserys, I wage the Dothraki plan was a Glossu Rabban maneuver. King Viserys & the invading Dothraki would wipe Westros clear of obstacles in a combo of cruelty & misrule which would leave the kingdom ripe for the enlightened rule of Rhaegar's son. I was willing to buy Varys monologue, but it is Illyrio that I wonder about. Giving the dragon eggs to Daenerys; seeming to be genuinely upset that he didn't get to spend time with Aegon VI; the introduction of the Tattered Prince & his desire to rule Pentos; the prophecies swirling around Targaryen. What is Illyrio's actual motivation? This is a lot of work & cost for any investment scheme, no matter the return.
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