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There's a bigger issue here. As Social Media gives way to Social Business, who will be the champions of that? PR is still in a great position to take advantage of the change of the last decade but it needs to get to grips with one simple fact: money will bring it the respect. There needs to be a greater effort by PR to show the financial benefits it brings in - from internal comms to social media to traditional PR - as well as the creativity that stimulates the financial income. Otherwise it won't be treated seriously. If, as an industry, we control and generate the financial figures then no one can argue with the role or influence it brings to each business.
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I don't know if I agree with the idea of mixing the personal with the political/professional on a HuffPro style site. After all, while I enjoy reading what Joan says about politics and news, would I want to read what she did with her kids? Her film reviews? (Also, from a SEO point of view and gaining new readers you would be diluting the point of your site(s) which is why I split mine up) A tartan HuffPro could be very interesting though and wouldn't automatically need a lot of backers, just X amount of people willing to contribute on a semi-regular editorial basis.
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