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Craig Peters
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By the way, there's a terrific book out there -- The Best American Comics Criticism, edited by Ben Schwartz -- in which John Hodgman waxes eloquently about The King, Jack Kirby ... Chris Ware is in there too, as are David Hajdu (author of the excellent The Ten-Cent Plague, who writes here of the equally excellent Persepolis), John Updike (on Thurber) and many others. Great book if you into this sort of thing in any way at all.
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Hmmmmm .... I have a few copies of that one in my office closet; I'll be happy to send them your way ... you want a coupla copies of my DC Shadow #1 too? I bought hundreds, but only have a few dozen left ... ahhhh, the follies of youthful investment plans. (Come to think of it, it's not as bas as some of today's Wall Street tycoons, but that's another post on another blog for another time!)
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Aug 17, 2010