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The parallels with your list and mine are surprising. Regarding your "Solitude" issue. I know the feeling. Have you tried local user groups with the intent of meeting somebody that *would* like to work on them with you? For your "fun programming", at least you have ideas. That is normally what holds me back (that's really just an excuse, I suppose). I can see the difficulty with coordinating schedules with remote people. So, again, I would wonder about local groups that you could find to meet others interested? I've been looking for (or thinking about starting up) a meetup group, just to play board games. I know none (I think) locally that are interested. I have the same issue with "fun" programming. I suspect it is simply a matter of the effort we do or don't put forth. The cooking thing is probably much easier than you think. Think of a dish you enjoy eating and try to make that. I like to browse through recipe books and sites. Then a recipe will look really good and "doable", so I'll get the ingredients and try it. Once I've made it once, I normally "enhance" it in some way. Also, you can watch cooking shows and if something looks good, give it a try. Baking, can be more finicky, but really, it's just that you have to be a bit more precise on the measurements and cooking times. It is fun for kids to help is all cooking IMO. My oldest (7) has on and off bursts of interest, but when she is, she'll bake, or make simple things like omelets and eggs over easy with toast. She loves cleaning the fridge, too. :)
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Oct 28, 2013
I'm really curious if you find any sort of solution. I made a gmail account for the "family", primarily to use on Ms6's tablet and load it up with some apps. That was before the limited profile support they recently rolled out in Android. (I'm not even sure that will be helpful). It seems really annoying to help kids do some of these things they'd like, unless of course, I'm missing something totally obvious.
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Aug 23, 2013