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"racism, while hidden behind the facade of politeness in adults, is pervasive in this country" Utter nonsense. It may exist but it's certainly not pervasive (see, I can make assertions just like you can). There is much consternation in some circles about the dismal health outcomes of many African-American. This is what has led to the charges of racism in medical care. Ignored, though, is the lack of attention paid to general health by low-income African-Americans and their poor follow-up to prescribed health procedures. This is evident in state Medicaid programs such as New York's which attempt to move heaven and earth to get them to the doctor's office, even if it means allowing them free rides in ambulances no questions asked. The reaction is similar to the insistence by some activists a decade or so ago that banks were practicing "redlining" or racism in their supposed failure to grant mortgages in certain neighborhoods. Well, in some neighborhoods, people had terrible credit scores and no income -- that was what led to the dearth of mortgages. The insistence on blaming the majority for the weaknesses of a minority lead to government idiocies like requiring you to state your race to have your eyes dilated.
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Jan 22, 2011