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It is truly great news when these two large entities agree that air quality is a problem, and decide to do something about it. However, I find it a shame that the 4.5 million humans who die every year from the burning of fuels (UN stats), are not mentioned at all in their plans. Saving the climate counts...but saving millions of humans does not? Surely humans are worth something to these great powers!
This news release should have been released on April 1.
The UBC charging system is clever and practical...though power transfer through permanent magnets isn't new. Here's a simplified version I developed 5 years ago: "Faucet Powered Head Lamp Generator"
The US EPA says, "Inhaling sulfur dioxide is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death." An 800% increase of sulphur dioxide in ships vs airfreight, as noted in the article, is very significant for humans in coastal locations.
Each new supertanker puts out equivalent pollution to 50 million new cars...the entire earth's annual production. On the journey across the ocean from Japan to America, a ship full of cars puts out more pollution than all the cars will over their entire lifetime.
These same soot particles kill up to 4.5 million people a year, according to new UN studies. That's over 10,000 people a day! I bet those folks weren't so concerned about the climate when they died! It would be nice to see some mention and respect for those 45 million people who died from soot, during the past 10 years of "research" into climate and soot.
Incremental increases in combustion efficiency as promised and shown in the video, will never solve the basic problem that exhaust fumes from combustion makes people sick and kills them. Diesel exhaust was just recently raised up to the"Known Human Carcinogen" category by the UN. The UN also says that particulates from burning kill up to 4.5 million people around the planet every year. Powerful new disruptive technologies like personal plasma reactors, will soon replace the burning of fuel in technologically advancing countries around the world. ..Let's put those smart engineers to work designing safe, cheap plasma generators! With 1/3 of our population now having cancer, it's time for mankind to stop the burning, .
Each new supertanker spews out the same air pollution as 50 million cars. Now that the UN recently re-classified diesel exhaust into the known human carcinogen category, ships can be seen as one of the largest preventable sources of carcinogenic substances. It's welcomed news to read about a reward system for operators who attempt to phase out inefficient and toxic diesel fuel burning.
Studies like this lack vision, and fail to take into account two words..."Disruptive Technology". With efficiencies approaching thousands of percent better than all current chemical combustion, new plasma-based technologies will soon make the burning of fuels simply appear silly...and very, very expensive. For examples of this plasma tech revolution, see Keshe Foundation,
Gee, you would think they would at least make a casual mention or linkage to the 4.5 million human beings that died last year alone due to BC (carbon particulates). That's 45 million people over last 10 years...about the same number that died in WW2. More people have died from carbon poisoning in the last century, than from all of the wars during the entire history of the planet !! Dead folks don't talk much, so it's hard to get interviews, I guess.
Of course those plans made no difference to emissions. Most school kids could have figured that out years ago. The incentive was to make money, not to cut back on pollution. There is only one way to stop emissions...simply stop the burning. And why keep burning when we have much better choices now? There are plasma-based technologies available for countries that want it. Cheap power with no pollution, no waste, and no radioactive byproducts. It's time to stop the burning.
Clean diesel is an oxymoron. Diesel exhaust recently was declared a carcinogen by WHO. Particulates kill millions of people a year worldwide according to UN. Trifling over a few percent emissions here and there, is insane. It's simply time to stop the burning! Fortunately, there are new plasma-based technologies, vastly superior to burning, that are being developed in many countries. Unfortunately, Canada and the US do not seem to be one of those countries.
Having people choose between production of energy and saving the environment, is an excellent "divide and conquer" technique that is often expounded in print. However, such polls and editorials are becoming irrelevant, because they ignore the exponential progress that is currently happening in the energy generation arena. Two words..."Disruptive Technology". Advanced plasma-based technologies, thousands of times more efficient than oil and pollution-free, will soon negate the argument of energy vs environment. With energy abundance, we can say yes to both! It's time to stop the burning. It's not economical, and the results of burning fuels kills more people every year than during the worst times of WW2. Uses for oil will limited to materials like plastics instead of fuel, and mankind will literally breathe easier for the first time in history.
With UN saying 4.5 million people a year are dying worldwide due to particulate matter such as diesel exhaust, it's about time some stats were released. I wonder why they restricted their study to lung cancer, when other cancers would be more appropriate. The true damage from particulate matter is the smaller particles below 2.5 micron that pass through the lungs directly into the bloodstream...and hence into all organs. The particles themselves contain "the most toxic substances ever tested" according to Japanese researchers.
The time has come to simply stop the burning of all fuels. According to the UN, particulates from burning cause 4.5 million deaths per year in the world, with millions of folks sick and disabled from the effects as well. With plasma-based personal reactors and generators coming on line, the necessity to burn fuels will be over. According to MT Keshe, a nuclear engineer, independent inventors will soon be fabricating cheap fuel-less plasma reactors in their garages. At roughly a million-to-one ratio in increased efficiency with the new technology, old fossil-based technology is uncompetitive, and hence will be obsolete within a few years.
A couple of years ago, the UN, WHO and US EPA, jointly declared that particulates (soot) was the "health issue of the decade", because it kills over 4 million people a year. Home plasma fusion generators will soon enable us to stop the burning. At less than 1% of the current cost for power, the new technology sweeping the planet will in fact make the burning of fuels obsolete and, just plain stupid.
Over the past 50 years, combustion engines have been making finer and finer particles...causing more and more damage to humans. The fact is, we must stop the burning and catch our gasping collective breath, as fuel-less plasma/magnetic generators come online to solve our energy needs. No burning required.
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Nov 14, 2011