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Because the nearby inbred red states (Virginia, in the case of the DC shooter, bought his there) are armed to the teeth.
Good. We're traveling this weekend. Starbucks can wait until Sunday.
scotch_tapes So 'open carry' is a 'constitutional right?' Shouldn't you be screaming about Obama's birth certificate somewhere?
Good. The more these lunatics act like this, the sooner that sensible gun control will return and castrate their manhood enhancers.
Great? Now That It’s in the Broadband Game, Google Flip-Flops on Network Neutrality
Open carry gun nuts are digging their own graves. As the country crowds, these displays will bring back gun control in a big, big way. If they were smart, they would quiet down. But they're not. Fear the future, freaks.
That's the essence of every experience I've ever had in Kentucky.
Good news. And since commercial real estate prays to snag/keep Starbucks in their properties, I'll bet they will be on board with enforcing this policy.
Customer here. My wife and I have been going by every afternoon. It's no worse than a weekday morning. The staff do not seemed phased at all. I'm tipping heavier than usual regardless.
Losing the soy is outrageous. Sorry, but this will severely reduces my visits to Starbucks. There are several coffee shops near me that offer soy for free.
I've worked for tips. Not at Starbucks. I always tip when using my card or my iPhone. Even if I have to ask the cashier to break a bill. Period.
They need to bring this to Pennsylvania. The crazy alcohol laws are designed for this. The 'Pub' at the Whole Foods at Plymouth Meeting Mall in the suburbs of Philly is fantastic and is usually pretty packed.
My wife and I got ours yesterday. Looking forward to pissing off 'I got mine' tea party jerks.
App cards are apparently not available everywhere yet. I checked out three SBs (all locations typically filled with Apple users) and still just the free iTunes cards. Darn.
@Jim Romenesko Trolls gotta go wherever they can to push their mythical agenda.
I admit that the first time the Starbucks closest to my home handed me a beverage with a label on it, that it felt slightly impersonal. Then I shrugged and thought, I got my drink, the order was right, and these people are not my friends. 'Tell Mike it was only business, I always liked him.'
Been waiting for this. I pick up an iced coffee in the morning and a Iced Soy Chai Tea in the afternoon for basically, half price. If anyone at Starbucks is reading this, promotions like this literally double my visits to your stores during their run. And I often get my lunch to take with me during my morning visit.
There are more words on the right edge, 'The Black Guy in S...' Anyway, without more information or eyewitnesses, then no story. I'm going to go up the street, order a tall latte, write 'The Weirdo' on the side, Instagram it with my iPhone and become 'famous.'
Love the oatmeal. Take the fruit and nuts, skip the brown sugar for one Splenda packet. Love the Egg-White, Spinach and Feta Wrap, when they Actually Have It! Which is rare. It would be nice to see better veggie options. They used to have a hummus/veggie/pita pack. Long gone.
This is nice. These are good people who want a feeling of belonging. Starbucks are the closest thing we got to the cafes of Europe and the Middle East/Africa. You don't get this at McDonalds. Hook them with caffeine and welcome them to America.
People ask me all the time to watch their laptop while they run to the bathroom (I'm a customer, not employee). I must look honest or something. Of course my MacBook Pro is way better than most of what I see out there, so maybe they figure I don't want their laptop.
I do. I have my iPhone ready to go at the register and it works perfectly every time. They always seem surprised that I scan it correctly.
And the disparity of wealth in America continues to grow.
@anon: 'I genuinely don't understand why these companies come out with a system that doesn't come on Android.' Because iPhone is the king and Apple invented the modern smartphone. Apple leads, others follow. Android is still brand new and in many respects is still in Beta. So companies are developing for iPhone and still taking a 'wait and see' attitude about 'other platforms.'