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Richard Crawshaw
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I thought they had been given a warning that it would happen at some point before they went on stage. But I don't know for certain, I was doing the blue arsed fly impression trying to get a mop out of the hotel! Hopefully next time there's a big messy item there'll already be a mop and bucket to deal with it! ;-)
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Very interesting report; thank you for recording it and in so much detail. Regarding the "two gophers decide to sweep the stage during the talk"; that was the chief tech person and one of his assistants. The problem was that the preceding item was the pyrotechnics which created far more mess than expected: the stage was covered with exploded apple, talc and fake blood. There was no time to clean it up between the items, particularly since it took three people half-an-hour to get the cleaning equipment out of the hotel! It couldn't easily be held over because of potential health and safety. It was just one of those things at cons that don't quite go right!
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Apr 7, 2010