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Robert Crayton
Recent Activity this is the statement on the web but the thing I watched on CNN, he states he always intended to make more. Sam worthington also suggested that he would be shot by Neytiri for making her fetch his beer.
CNN just had a spot with Cameron, he stated that the first movie was always intended to be followed by 2 more. Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at AVATAR
Just tell them that everyime someone in the film smokes, Eywa kills a kitten. Dont worry its just conservative back lash trying to cash in on the hype. These people like to cut trees down and say global warming isnt happening... so you know who your dealing with.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on the second unfare critic... at AVATAR
Yeah Don't forget that James Cameron likes to spend his free time hanging around deep under water!
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
Presence of a Navel suggests they are much the same as us. As above, the connection provides only an interface that allows a "closeness" that could not be achieved as a human. Given their copulatory nature, the queues does not initiate the growth, rather the increased erotic behavior induces neurochemical changes that may lead to increased fertility, FSH, LH etc.
Robert Crayton added a photo at AVATAR
Unique 4 fingers and thumb war paint
Jan 5, 2010
My guess is its a necklace of office so it was probrably made
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
CGI Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at AVATAR
Your right in every sense but James Cameron did state the reasons for the blue skin. More of avoiding references to other beautiful green women used in Star Trek
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
And Jake did tsu-tey's paint too... all down his back and arms, best scene to capture this is the moment of his death when he goes all out on the payload doors.
It wont be long, especially with the rate that its going. the professor that put it together and an intellectual army will probrably start to produce audio guides. Not because he has to but his email box will have exploded by now! Who needs cypher when you can speak this :)
So do you think a new world order will arise from this, such as the Bill and Ted's Journey that shapes the future of the world? Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at AVATAR
It's all about the trees dude! The trees!
Cant get enough? I know the feeling
This is a diamond in the rough which was 2009, to end the year with this, I have forgotten many bad things and have been revitalised in my thinking. I dont geek up on films and dont over analyse the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at AVATAR
Happy new year Folks, Tsun oe nga-hu nì-Na’vi pivängkxo a fì-’u oe-ru prrte’ lu!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
This for me was also my favourite scene, for the reasons stated above
I liked Neytiri's War Paint, Very few NA'VI have 4 fingers and a thumb to make those marks on her Chest! Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at Robert Crayton's blog
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Dec 30, 2009
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Dec 30, 2009