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Welcome back -I love the artwork great idea!! I look forward to seeing them finished. The pic of Ezra reminded me of my son who is 8, used to go out side (age 2/3 in the country) with nothing on but his favorite pair of yellow boots. Love those carefree days of childhood!
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2006 on lite crafting at SouleMama
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I too love the rug idea so much that I may try one myself, such a good idea and I promise to give credit back to you if I post it. Another idea for slippery rugs is to put a thick line of puff paint around the perimeter of the back. This only works if the rug is not too slippery. Also, stitching on a piece of rubber drawer liner works to. The latter is a wee bit more time consuming. Happy weekend to you.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2006 on works in progress at SouleMama
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I think the top looks great you have a great eye for color! OOOOh a new machine what bliss. I agree about cap sleeves though for me they do nothing for the sausages that protrude from my shoulders. Hehe
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2006 on just in time for the buttonholes at SouleMama
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Awww I am so sad my baby girl is too old for such dresses!! So cute
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2006 on summer vacation at SouleMama
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