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I could not see the video for Eve Sussman,’s Whiteonwhite on my computer. However I read the liner notes. I found myself face to face with an idea similar to Fritz Lang’s epic silent movie Metropolis. In this case, the communist elitist lounge in the sun soaked purity. The poor worker bees of society keep the tech machines going. Futurist thought would make the worker a techno geek keeping the lower society from plunging into bedlam. The fact the techie is a woman makes it more like Metropolis. The Metropolis’s heroine, Maria was both the flesh and blood love of the dictator’s son and the diabolically perfect clone (robo machine) fashioned by the evil scientist to overthrow the elitist upper class. The heroine of Whiteonwhite is presented as a geophysicist code writer on the film. Film is an art form check out She is a captive in “City-A,” a futuristic Metropolis wannabe. This is the society where wealthy capitalists lord over the rabble of communism. Computer driven, the film is no longer than fifty minutes of pure excitement. I loved Metropolis, this sounds as good.
Let’s face the truth. Modern and Abstract Art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s true that the modern artists of today have a grand arena in both the Guggenheim and the Tate Modern to showcase eclectic art. The adamant public following modern art is very specific and very intense. Critics do tend to be fickle. What appeals to them during one year of artistic delving may not appeal to them by the next year. Matt Collins is a prolific and powerful critic. Because I have roots in realism I can understand how Collins could go back to what equates as old school. The masters are called masters because they learned how to take a slice of life and present it in glorious color and three dimensionality to the buying public. There is a lot to be said for all schools of art. After all, everyone doesn’t like the taste of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia because not everyone is fond of sweet ripe Bing cherries. Tastes are as different as body shape and eye color. The same is true of art.
France and the chance to visit a sleepy village steeped in past traditions sounds absolutely wonderful. I think that you are extraordinarily lucky to get this chance to stay and paint in a place touched by history’s elusive past. The Rance River that flows past the town must be lovely to watch and will offer many opportunities to paint the bucolic village. Riverfront property is always spectacular unless there’s a chance of flooding. Then the idyllic becomes a death trap. Google is an amazing tool isn’t it? The virtual tour of Dinan must be incredible to take. This would have been impossible a few years ago, but then so was selling artwork. I think that both you and your friend will compose lovely artwork and will be inspired by the region. Being the incredible artist that I saw on your site I know that your creations will be spectacular like the art work at I wish you the best as you count down from 100 days.
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Apr 11, 2010